Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Mitchell says the darndest things

Real quotes from a real interview. You can listen for yourself, with the Dale Mitchell portion of the show ("Full Time", from Vancouver's TEAM 1040), beginning at the 13 minute mark.

FT: How do you respond to those . . . who think you should probably resign?
Dale: I don't know. I have a contract, you know. I'm not accustomed to quitting, and I'll continue to honour my contract until its expired, and we'll see where we go from there.

FT: How are things between yourself and some of the players (Brennan, Sutton, De Rosario, De Guzman cited as examples)? Have any bridges been burned here?
Dale: Well, I think you've touched on a few different subjects, and I think it is fairly easy to throw it all into one pot. I think you have to take it all at face value. The bottom line for me is, as a coach, you know, is that I'm there to win. Every situation that you're in in coaching is different. There's positives and negatives to any environment. Certainly anybody that's coached with Canada and the national team program knows that it is a tough environment. You've got to be able to get your hands dirty and to take your lumps and you're going to do that. The bottom line is that we didn't get the results and there's a lot of opinions out there about why we didn't get the results. I certainly have mine. There are supporters and media that are voicing theirs and in some ways I think it affects the players, and some of the have theirs. Bottom line is its a winning business, and if you win I think you continue and if you don't win, I think you know what the eventuality is.

FT: What do you think some of the reasons were that you failed to qualify for the next round?
Dale: The two biggest ones are Honduras and Mexico. [that we finished behind Jamaica was also a serious impediment to qualifying - J]

Ladies and gentlemen, our fearless leader!

After writing this point, I discovered that one of the great minds at some canadian guys . . . had already done the same, only better.

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P said...

Just try to imagine what this guy must be like in the locker-room! "Okay guys, there's a game, we're scheduled to play for 90 minutes, and we're gonna meet that obligation. We wanna win, wanna get a result, and there are different ways to go about doing that. We might win, or we might draw, but somewhere... there is something... and if we lose, well there's another team out there too, and then they'll have won, so in the end, somebody wins. And this is a game about winning..."

The mind reels