Sunday, January 18, 2009

Quick hits

Nothing big to write about today, but it's been a while, and I don't want any readers to give up on me...
  • CSA will announce their 2008 Fan's Choice award on Tuesday. (Maybe they won't announce it, but that is when voting closes. I had some early concerns when De Rosario was leading the voting, but expect Julian de Guzman to take it.
  • I spotted this article in the Winnipeg Free Press, of all places. The news that former women's coach Even Pellerud has found work in Trinidad is mildly surprising (24th minute guest blogger Andrew Bucholtz takes a closer look), but the wishful thinking part of me would like to see Dale Mitchell to follow Even's lead and sandbag our opponents while he's at it. The possibility that Stephen Hart, a T&T native, might be the one to eventually head to the islands, and probably do a reasonable job, is a little sobering. (Extremely idle speculation, no shred of a rumour).
  • TFC drafted one Canadian and one Jamaican who gets to take a Canadian spot on the roster. Kyle Hall was a bit out of his depth in the matches I saw in last year's U23 qualifying tournament, but did score a bonerrific 5th goal against Haiti that proved momentarily to be important.
  • Canada has been drawn in a group with Mexico, T&T, and Costa Rica in CONCACAF qualifying for the U20 World Cup.. No cakewalk, but I expect Canada to qualify. This tournament takes place in March, and especially with no important MNT games on the horizon, I expect to follow it closely, as I did with the aforementioned U23 qualifiers last spring.
  • [voetbal alert!]: With PSV stumbling today, drawing against lowly Roda JC, I am willing to wager a fair bit that the Eredivisie champion will come from the trio of AZ, Ajax, and outsiders FC Twente.
Stay tuned for some real good stuff in the next while. I hope.

If you're up late tonight
, a recorded interview with Dale Mitchell is airing on Full Time, a soccer show on the radio in Vancouver, at 10 pm PT (1 am ET). According to a poster on the Voyageurs forum:
Dale Mitchell answers questions on why he hasn't quit and about his future in the job. He also talks about his relationship with some national team players and about some young players who may be brought in in the very near future.
It will be available in podcast form soon after the show has aired. I won't be staying up that late, so any commenters who can fill me in on the most salacious of details are most welcome. This thread should also have all of the good stuff.

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