Saturday, February 21, 2009

2" Radzinski in the wild, 2nd edition

The dispatches from our 2" Radzinski contest winner are coming fast and furious now. As ever, Radzinski is the motor for some dominating soccer. In honour of the 67-inch Radzinski's virtuoso performance against Mexico in October (I'm reading between the lines here), the 2-inch version is celebrating with tequila:

subject: 2" doll enhances performance, lifts your... game

Is there no end to the powers of the Tomasz Radzinski? Perhaps the distillation of his essence into a tiny figurine channels his powers into a potent ray of player improvement. A 4-0 scoreline with chances to spare and a brief stretch of domination by ball-possession that approached what pale Argentinian graduate students must be able to achieve on their better days. Plagued even by international... call-ups (international conferences, international debaucheries, or something) our team won through thanks to the serene influence of the Radz doll. No power on earth could keep him from his tequila shot tonight.


If you're scoring at home (and I am), you'll note that P's gradtramural soccer team is 2-0 with a 9/0 GF/GA since Radz arrived on the scene. Awesome much? As with our previous dispatch, there is accomopanying photographic evidence.

The fruits of victory!

Tequila and bling! (It's all about the benjamins-- err, Washingtons . . . Stupid economy!)

Diving in.

If our man P doesn't mind, could he leave a note and tell us what is inscribed along the base of the podium of the doll? Much obliged.

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P said...

The base has the informative but rather boring inscription "RADZINSKI"