Friday, February 13, 2009

2" Radzinski in the wild

If you're new to the blog, then this post will require a few points of clarification. First: where have you been until now? And, second: at the beginning of January, after stumbling upon a retailer selling miniature footballers, including Radzinski in a Canada shirt, I launched a contest, with a Radzinski doll awarded to the winner.

The contest

The result

The winner vowed that the doll would serve as mascot for his underachieving intramural soccer team. It appears that the miniature version has the same talismanic power that Radzinski displays on the pitch for Canada. To wit:

subject: Magic Voodoo Power!

What can a 2" Tomasz Radzinski doll do? It can preside over a 5-0 drubbing, the first clean sheet in this humble intramural team's humble history, when our sick, coughing, unfit selves--yet inspired by the doll--found the tenacity, speed, and sometimes even finesse to dominate on ball control, pick apart the opposition's defence, and fire in scorching shots to injure their goalkeeper. We played like Canada played against Guatemala in the last Gold Cup, which means we missed some a few sure things but nonetheless got the job done in decisive fashion. We have no where do go but down, but with the RadzDoll it will at least be a slow descent.


p.s. Necessity dictated that we find a place that served mexican food instead of shots, but there was no end of beer for the totem figure of our team.
The P.S. relates to the photos accompanying the email, displayed below:

Radzinski astride a Corona tripod

Tomasz deliberating between Corona and Dos Equis (?)

A triumphant Radzinski. A pose we wish we could have seen more often

Thanks to our contest winner for his well-written and self-deprecating update.

A reminder to any and all that there is still another contest ongoing, although as yet without a prize. Perhaps another Radzinski doll could be awarded, though he really has little to do with Montreal Impact ticket sales.

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