Sunday, February 22, 2009

2008 Fan's Choice Awards

We can finally close the books on 2008. After a full month had passed after voting was to have closed, the CSA finally got around to announcing the Fan's Choice award winners for the year:
Melissa Tancredi and Julian de Guzman may very well be the 2008 Fans' Choices, but this year the real winners are fans Tara Jovaisas and Lucas D'Allessandro. Just this week, the Canadian Soccer Association shipped red Canada jerseys to both Tancredi and de Guzman which will be personally signed and then returned to the lucky fans.
I haven't exactly been waiting with baited breath for this announcement, but I have been somewhat surprised (disappointed?) that it took this long to make the announcement.

Julian, a sometime critic of the CSA, kept it pretty neutral in his press release statements:
"I would like to thank all the dedicated fans who took part in this poll as I am truly honoured to receive this recognition," says Fans' Choices co-winner Julian de Guzman. "This continues to motivate me with my mission overseas and worldwide by helping give Canada a place on the football map. I'd like to thank my teammates who made this happen for me on the pitch and my family and friends who've have been there throughout this wonderful journey."
"Let this be a celebration to all of those who continue to show passion for the game across the nation," says de Guzman.
De Rosario, Radzinski and Gerba finished in positions 2 through 4, while on the women's side, Christine Sinclair, Kara Lang, and Rhian Wilkinson finished behind Tancredi.

The most interesting thing of all were the sweet player cards that were displayed along with the article:

I wonder if these player cards exist in a less ethereal form, and how one is to acquire them.

(Just as a reminder to my less faithful readers, I picked Gerba and Sinclair, then was later shocked to learn just how many voters had picked De Rosario, who had a poor 2008).

I plan to hype the Santos - Montreal match us much as possible over the next few days. But for today, let me direct your attention to a preview by soccer columnist John Molinaro.

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