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Canadian Content on Canadian Teams 2009

Canadian Content 2009
Last year, towards the end of the soccer season, I started tracking which of Canada's professional teams had the most Canadian content on the pitch. At the end of 2008, in addition to being champions of USL-1, the Vancouver Whitecaps were also crowned (metaphorically, by me) the most Canadian team in Canada. As a result, I'm trying to become a Whitecaps fanboy in '09, although Montreal's current flirtation with Champions League success has me a little distracted.

In '09, I'll make it easier for you to follow me following the Canadian content of Canada's teams. There's a link in the sidebar, and right here, to a PDF file with a summary of the Canadian content. I'll try to keep it updated weekly. Ish.

So far there's only 1 match to report. Montreal had 5 Canadian starters against Santos: Pizzolito, Braz, Grande, Placentino, and Sebrango. Brillant came on as a sub. I'm counting Sebrango as Canadian, just like I did last year when he played mostly with Vancouver. He has Canadian citizenship, so who am I to argue. To all you TFC fans who might complain about it, when Dichio gets Canadian citizenship, I'll count him as well. In total, the Impact were 43% Canadian for the match.

In case you're curious, I'll be maintaining detailed records, with game-by-game details on the Canadians for each team that make it onto the pitch. I'll make these available from time to time.

2" Radzinski in the wild, 3rd edition
Dispatch #3 from our contest winner:
subject: the magic is gone?

There is much that a 2" Radz doll can do, but it seems there are limits. It was a hard-fought, scrappy, passionate game full of hard challenges (hard as intramurals go) and whispered threats when the ref's back was turned. The result: a narrow 2-1 loss. It was a sombre, more reflective Radzinski doll that contemplated his Corona, but his little painted eyes showed a determination that the final game of the season (Sunday) would not pass in vain, that the playoffs were still within grasp. The voodoo powers were not entirely absent, and their flame will kindled again until all fuel is exhausted.


The photographs this week are decidedly more contemplative. To wit:


I enjoy the new pics each week, if only because it shows the doll from some new angle I hadn't seen. This picture really hows how disproportionately large the head is.

Radz in thought

What's that white thing? A 2" Radzinski carrying case? Or the world's smallest stick of women's deodorant?


In case you're wondering, the real Radzinski is doing just fine. His Lierse side sit in second in the Exqi League standings, in a promotion spot and 9 points clear of the third place team.

(In the same neighbourhood, my AZ have a stranglehold on the Eredivisie. Not that I'm bragging or anything).

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