Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Montreal Impact - Santos: Tuesday Preview

How many of these seats will be filled?

It is easy to get swept up in the hype surrounding tomorrow's match. For me, it's a continuation of the surprise success the Impact had in the round robin portion of the CONCACAF Champions League. Backing the underdog is always fun, but every so often I need a reality check.

A good source of no-emotion wisdom is, oddly enough, gambling sites. Oddsmakers are in the business to make money, and giving long odds on favourites isn't the way to do it. So I checked in with a few of the internet's most reputable sports books to see what they think of the match.


2:00 AM
Impact (CAN)2.25
Santos (MEX)2.75


Feb 25 17:00 Montreal Impact v Santos De Laguna +120 +220 +190

The formatting is screwy, but what this means is that a $100 bet on Montreal pays an extra $120 in winnings, $220 for a draw, and $190 for Santos.


Montreal Impact (CAN) - Santos Laguna (MEX)Separator2,30


Montreal Impact
Santos Laguna
The Draw

I would have been tempted to throw a few dollars down on the Impact if they were giving better odds. But as it stands, the real money making proposition is betting on the draw.

The interesting part is that all of the sports books (I looked at a few others as well) have the Impact as favourites. It could be they don't know enough about the tournament, so they're just giving the regular homefield advantage, or maybe there are other reasons.

Just something to think about.

Also to think about, on this CCL quarterfinal eve:
  • How are you planning on watching this match? Canadian viewers can choose to watch it live, at 8 pm ET on CBC Bold or streamed live at CBCsports.ca. They also have the option of tuning in to a tape-delayed broadcast at midnight local. (Out-of-country viewers may want to check this website for online streams closer to game time)
  • Will you be tuning in to the live blog? This is the place.
  • No Biello for l'Impact. Biello is a good heart and soul player, but I think Limniatis has it right:
    Impact head coach John Limniatis said the loss of Biello isn't insurmountable for the team because of its depth, but expressed sorrow the veteran player won't be on the field.
    In the matches last season, I never felt like Biello was one of the best players out there.
  • Will Stade Olympique sell-out? I'm not sure what the sell-out mark is for Wednesday's configuration, but I can tell you that they were at 48,000 tickets sold on Monday. (Video on Olympic Stadium and the big match.)
  • Interviews: John Limniatis / Nick De Santis / Sandro Grande
  • It appears the Santos manager doesn't quite know if they're playing outside or not:
    On climatic conditions that will live in Montreal, which registered very low temperatures, Guzmán hope that is not a factor against them.

    "I think the stadium is roofing, but if we want to transcend this competition we have to put everything, even the cold, the stadium will be filled in Canada and that speech that we want to win and place and now we're going with the dream of winning "established.
    As far as I understand it, temperatures inside the Big O should be reasonably warm.

Good news on the Toronto FC front yesterday as they signed Canadian international and bad ass motha Adrian Serioux.


Headhunting Canuck said...


How are you planning to blog this game tomorrow, the text format or do you want to use the java format. Let me know here if you want me to have that set up or not. Yes I'm still reading away the articles.


J said...

I'll be kicking it old school (text format). I like it better that way, if only because the contents of the live blog are searchable. I get some quirky google search strings when I go off on tangents in the live blogs.

If something comes up and I can't do the blog, and you're keen, you can jump in and do it any way you want.