Thursday, February 19, 2009

Pot pourri

I've been spurned into action as a result of my inaction.

Or something like that. What actually did it was a little tidbit dropped in yet another Voyageurs thread that devolved into yet another pissing match. The tiddy little bit, from "MediaGuy", a.k.a. Duane Rollins of the 24th minute:
I started the blog in November. I was just offered a major sponsorship deal today (literally today). I'm widely linked throughout Canada and the United States on both independent blogs and those connected to the mainstream. Again, this is in three and a half months in the off-season. It takes time to build something and I'm happy with the growth.

FWIW, the blog is accessed about 600 times a day, with that number representing about 400 unique visitors. My biggest day had 1,200 visits and 800 visitors. On average 27 per cent of my visitors are from Toronto proper, 35 per cent are from the GTA (including Hamilton) and 57 per cent are from Southern Ontario (including Ottawa). In total, 76 per cent of my traffic is Canadian and 19 per cent is American. International visits represent less than 1 per cent and typically are referred from this board. The difference in the number represents visits that can't be traced.
To this humble blogger, those numbers look awfully big. I've been at this a while (technically since 2004 or 2005, but really in earnest since early 2008). I've been so dumbfounded by this bold claim of internet traffic that I've been forced to reconsider my own relative lack of success. To what do I attribute his tenfold advantage* in blogging reach?

A few reasons:
  • I don't know who the authority would be on such matters, but I'm fairly certain one of the Golden Rules of Blogging is to post often, and to avoid long periods of hiatus. I've been doing alright recently, but month-long gaps between posts exist in the history of this place.
  • Does interest in TFC trumps interest in Canadian soccer generally? It appears that way.
  • Duane contacts sources, scours the interwebs, and generally applies some journalistic principles to his work. My blog posts are inevitably commentary, and entirely derivative (I am cited as an authority only when I go through the trouble of compiling statistics that can be used to start or settle incendiary pissing matches).
  • I'm not giving the people what they want. At one time I thought what the people wanted was pictures of Kara Lang stretching. This no longer appears to be the case.
Or maybe it's just that I often have very little to say. Like today. Just a couple of tidbits, hardly deserving of their own post.

I've said "tidbits" and "pissing matches" a few times in this post, and I'll try to continue. A few tidbits that I should share:

* If you're wondering about my own blog stats, you leave a very sad existence. I get about 50 visits a day, twice that when the Score's Footy Blog links me, and probably about 10% of those visits are from me; a further 25% are Google Image search results.

** The numbers that produced the graph (everytime I copy-paste this spreadsheet, blogger messes up the formatting in the same way. Gadzooks!):

Date Tickets Source
01/14/09 10000 (Impact)
01/20/09 15000 (
01/26/09 20000 (Impact)
02/02/09 25000 (Rue Frontenac)
02/04/09 35000 (Impact)
02/13/09 42000 (Impact)
02/18/09 45000 (Rue Frontenac)


P said...

Keep the Kara Lang coming!

Duane Rollins said...

Get linked on the Red Patch Boys boards...

I had 760 impressions and 577 unique visits today because a RPB posted a link to a story. If I get linked on RPB my traffic spikes about 20% (which has caused me to link myself on there a few times...I'm shameless that way).

My biggest day? I managed to leak TFC's schedule four hours before it was officially released and I was linked on all the boards, including MLS: General on BigSoccer.

So, yeah, I think the TFC factor plays a role in getting the numbers up. Also, as I posted to my Spanish "friend" I get about 20% of visits from the US. That I play to that audience a bit makes me unique in the small world of Canadian soccer blogging.

Ives gets about 250,000 visits a day BTW. So, there is still lots of room to grow!

I do enjoy what you do here. I'd love to see a daily post; even if it doesn't involve Kara Lang (BTW I believe there are some photos of the Brazilian women's team that should drive your traffic through the roof if you are into that...).

J said...

I've got at least one post capitalizing on Brazilian senoritas. Too many more and I become a sexist pig.

I forgot to mention that my live blogs, generally of NT matches, are pretty popular. I will attempt one for Wednesday's CCL match if time permits.

I don't really have the time to invest right now to really spike the traffic at this site. I've grown steadily since this time last year. The challenge will be to find content that fits the "Canadian scene" in 2009, without the benefit of WCQ matches. The Gold Cup will hopefully be a flurry of activity.