Monday, February 16, 2009

Self-indulgent Monday

Out in my neck of the woods, we're observing Louis Riel Day. Whatever your opinions of the man, I'm sure we can all appreciate a Monday off.

On this Monday, I was pointed to this excellent article on my beloved AZ, on the Guardian's sports blog:
Louis van Gaal has lost his religion. And in so doing, he has contrived a new one. By relinquishing his former belief system and marrying it to a more modern approach, Van Gaal has, with AZ, reinvented Total Football. Call it Total Football 2.0, if you will.
I'm not a tactical geek, but whatever English language coverage I can get of the Alkmaar club is good in my books. It's an interesting read.

Besides the tactical stuff, the really amazing bit is this:
And the argument can no longer be made that AZ lead the Eredivisie by default because PSV, Ajax and Feyenoord are having an off-year. For AZ have now gone undefeated for five months and this weekend was their first failure to win in almost three months.
Not a bad little streak, though it should be noted that the Dutch league did recently return from a month long break, included in these 5 months.

The latest word out of Impact headquarters is that 42,000 tickets have been sold for the CCL quarterfinal match on 25 February. 9 days away. It seems the pace has slowed a bit, but I would not be surprised with a final tally of around 50k. Which, you know, isn't bad.

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