Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Fix it!

Jason de Vos has a neat thing going on at his blog. Essentially, he's asking his readers to help him out in providing ideas for fixing Canadian soccer. Personally, I'd rather hear what Jason has to say than the half-baked musings of the illiterati that comment on CBC articles, but whatever. That's probably what we'll get anyway. The semi-literati that read this blog may want to participate.

On another front, the April edition of the FIFA rankings are out. Canada moved up 5 spots to 89, between Peru and Zambia, despite not having played since November. Even more perplexing is Brazil moving up a spot, despite being in the midst of a real bed-shitting in CONMEBOL qualifying.

The ranking geeks among you will probably enjoy this alternate edition, from Voros McCracken (one of the better names you'll find these days).

There's not a lot to report on in the Canadian soccer scene this week, but I do want to give a shout out to the some canadian guys podcast this week. The dude that was getting a lot of stick for having the gall to suggest that Chelsea might not be blown out of the water against Liverpool is probably feeling pretty good right now.

Only suggestion: create a feed so your listening public can subscribe in iTunes. I enjoy most of my podcasts on my lengthy jaunt by foot or on two wheels to and from from work, and it's a lot easier to navigate the ipod with subscribed podcasts instead of having to load it as an mp3. Maybe you've done this already.


squizz said...

Hey Jon, thanks for the shout-out on the podcast. We've been told by several people that an iTunes feed would be useful, but we're all technologically useless (and lazy). If you could let us know how to get 'er going, it'd be appreciated... canadiansoccerguys (@) gmail (.) com

J said...

Simplest way is to find some online service to take care of the dirty work for you.

This one's not bad:

Martin said...

Have you noticed that the only times Canada moves up in the FIFA ranking is when they're not playing??? That tells a lot on how our national team plays ;-) Keep up the good work with this great blog!