Saturday, April 04, 2009


Asian spam

I've been getting a lot of comment spam lately in some sort of Asian character set, so I've turned on the word verification feature. I hope this minor inconvenience is not enough to turn any readers off the blog completely.

And since I've already devoted a few minutes of a lame Saturday night to blog upkeep, here are a few more unrelated items:
  • I keep playing around with the way I am displaying the Canadian content data in the right sidebar. I think I like the way it is now, although I may get rid of the PDF summary and do it all with Google Spreadsheets (the best invention ever).
  • Toronto FC's Canadian content has increased with each match. Their results have worsened with each match. Coincidence?
  • The wind was so ridiculous today at BMO Field that the game they showed on TV barely resembled soccer. If they do end up expanding the stadium, they should design the stands in a way so that the prevailing wind off the lake gets blocked a little.
  • Toronto laid an egg in their home opener, and I can't think of a single TFC player that acquitted themselves well. Maybe Dichio in limited minutes as a substitute.
  • Tomasz Radzinski scored two more goals today for his side, and now has 16 on the season, scoring just over once every two games. He is on my Gold Cup roster and any Canada lineup card unless he says no.
  • I try to keep NHL stuff off these pages, but any good sleeper picks for a playoff pool draft? (I don't think any of my pool buddies read this blog so you don't need to write them in code).
Happy weekend.


Headhunting Canuck said...


When's the playoff pool draft happening... I'll try get you a list before hand.


J said...

We draft next Monday evening.

nick said...

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