Sunday, April 19, 2009



My boys, AZ, are champions of the Eredivisie for the second time, and the first team outside of the big three (Ajax, Feyenoord (rotzakken!), and PSV) to win it since 1981, when AZ won for the first time. It was a dominant season this time from AZ, clinching with an 11 point lead and 3 games remaining.

Looks like a nice celebration in the Waagplein.


Simon B said...

Yeah. Great to see. Can't wait to see them in the champions league next year.

Coach came out and said he expects to only lose 2 players before next year. Dembele and El Hamdoui from what I hear.

J said...

Both losses would hurt, but if it's just the two, they should have the money to find decent replacements. I've been hearing the rumour of Koevermans (of PSV) returning to AZ, which would soften the blow somewhat.

Simon B said...

Koevermans would be huge. I thought Van Gaal was a little nuts when he sold everyone off after the meltdown at the end of the season 2 years ago.

J said...

Van Gaal is a bit nuts, but also a solid guy. He offered to step down after the disaster season, but the players convinced him to give it another go.

The other rumour is Van Gaal to Bayern, but I hope that doesn't go through. That would be a bigger loss than either El Hamdaoui or Dembele.