Thursday, April 23, 2009

Remember when you cared about this tournament?

Some of you may remember the Montreal Impact playing in the CONCACAF Champions League. Parts of it were great. Other parts I've tried to forget.

Like most of you, I stopped paying attention after Montreal was eliminated. I don't think there's anything unnatural about that.

As it turns out, the first leg of the final is tonight. Although the tournament featured its fair share of surprises (Montreal and Puerto Rico of USL-1 advancing significantly further than any MLS side count for two of the unexpected outcomes), the final is predictably an all-Mexican affair.

Cruz Azul will take on Atlante, the latter of which got a draw and a win against Montreal in the group stage.

The game is available on CBC bold, and is also being streamed live at beginning at 11pm et.

Even though I gave up on this tournament long ago, kudos to the CBC for continuing to broadcast the games even though any hope of a big Canadian audience disappeared when Montreal flamed out. Although you could argue that if they ever hoped for a large Canadian audience, they wouldn't have aired the matches on bold, but rather on the main network.

Edit: So the match was yesterday, not tonight. Sorry to all those of you who use this blog as your primary source on Mexican soccer. Atlante won the away leg 2-0, and are in the driver's seat heading home.

It goes to show how closely I've been paying attention.

* * * * *

Toronto FC got its second win of the season last night, against Chivas. Word is that Adrian Serioux, who was a question mark before the match due to injury, was a beast in the back. Dwayne de Rosario, however, didn't heal quite so quickly. With Kevin Harmse left on the bench, Serioux and Jim Brennan were the only Canadians to see action for Toronto.

The Canadian content count, to date, looks like this:

2009 Canadian Content Summary
Team Matches Cdn Mins Total Mins Percent
Vancouver 3 1808 2970 60.9%
Toronto 6 2098 5940 35.3%
Montreal 3 1026 2970 34.5%

The way the teams have been put together, I'd expect the Whitecaps to continue to dominate these rankings for the remainder of the season. That said, I also expect them to fare the worst in the upcoming Voyageurs Cup (first match is less than two weeks away).

At the TFC match yesterday, some yahoos burned a woman with a flare, and were subsequently arrested. That won't do TFC's growing (but largely unwarranted) reputation for hooligan support any good.

Flare-throwing TFC supporters: Hard as fuck?

Interesting bits:
"One flare landed on a woman's thigh, burning through her pants and causing a burn to her thigh," said a news release issued Thursday. "The second torch landed on the artificial turf, causing a section to ignite, causing approximately $2,000 damage."
If this is some kind of dastardly scheme to get grass installed at BMO, I'm all for it. As long as no one gets hurt, of course.
While play continued, fans identified the two young men and appeared to even help restrain them, leading to a quick arrest.
Props to the good fans that turned in these louts.

* * * * *

If you're super disappointed that I misled you into trying to watch CONCACAF Champions League action online, and still have the online streaming soccer bug, CONCACAF has archived matches from the U17 championships on its site, including Canada's 1-1 draw with Honduras on Tuesday.

Canada - USA goes today.

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Joe Ross said...

Shit...I thought the game was tonight as well.

Guess that makes at least two of us who haven't really given a hoot since the Impact got bounced.