Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Two of my least favourite "Canadians"

From a more widely read blog. Wells does the smackdown on Harper. But shouldn't Hargreaves, as a guy who has "always felt more British" be doing photo-ops with Gordon Brown instead?

It gets worse. Way worse:
“Owen Hargreaves is one of Canada’s most famous and accomplished international athletes,” said the Prime Minister. “Given soccer’s massive worldwide appeal, it is certainly refreshing to note that one of the sport’s brightest stars is Canadian.”
Are you sure he's Canadian, Steve-O? Maybe you should check his jersey. (No, not the AIG shirt. The one with the lions.)
“I know that the Red Devils provoke a rather passionate reaction from football fans on both sides of the Atlantic,” joked the Prime Minister. “But that certainly won’t prevent me from rooting for Owen’s continued success. Thank you, Owen, for all you have done to shine the international spotlight on Canadian soccer.”
Yes, that spotlight sure is bright. Pass me the fucking shades. What a sycophant!


Footie Fool said...

Beauty find! At first I thought it was an extremely clever April Fool's joke from McLeans...but that would have been just too clever.

P said...

I don't tend to be quite as hard on Hargreaves as you, but I have to say that is one creepy looking picture. And whatever your take is, the maple-leaf ball is going too far...

J said...

This isn't really even a Hargreaves thing. I'm more or less at peace with the decision he's made (finally...)

This is about the sheer stupidity of:

A) a celebrity photo-op, which Harper has always claimed is beneath him; and

B) a photo-op with an athlete who has very publicly decided that he prefers England to Canada.

I like the neutral red-and-white coloured scarf too. Neither Canada (naturally) nor Man U, but close to both.

Colin Smith said...

The photo-op is cheesy. And awesome. There must be a football-mad staffer in the PMO who set it up.

I was looking for the photo, thanks for finding it! I'm not going to get into the Hargreaves playing for England thing. I just wish people could get over it.

Do they all chase down ex-girlfriends after they've picked another guy?

It's getting really pathetic now.

I'm glad some people are more or less at peace with the decision he made. Bravo J.