Friday, May 29, 2009

Do I have readers in high places?

From a CSA presser today: Canadians influence Canadian championship
This year, four of the five goals in the competition have been scored by Canadians. Toronto FC's Kevin Harmse scored in the opening 1:0 victory over the Impact de Montréal; Vancouver's Marcus Haber and Charles Gbeke both scored in a 2:0 victory over the Impact in Montréal; Ethan Gage scored the latest goal in a 1:0 victory over the Impact in Vancouver.

Only one goal was scored by a non-Canadian: Chad Barrett's goal in Toronto FC's 1:0 victory over Whitecaps FC at BMO Field.
From my match report after matchday 3:
It was also nice to see both goals scored by Canadian players. 3 of the 4 goals scored in Voyageurs Cup play this season have been scored by Canadians, with Chad Barrett providing the lone foreign goal.
From said press release:
Haber was briefly the youngest goal scorer in competition history; he also set the record for quickest goal in a Nutrilite Canadian Championship match (first minute). Gage, just three weeks from his 18th birthday, is now the youngest goal scorer in the competition's short history.
From my math report after matchday 3:
Marcus Haber's goal in the 1st minute was the quickest ever in NCC competition
. . . and from my report after matchday 4:
Last week Marcus Haber became, I think, the youngest goal scorer in Nutrilite Canadian Championship history. Now Ethan Gage holds the honour.

Now, I'm not saying some CSA staffer is cribbing my blog for press releases. These are all fairly obvious facts, and make sense to be included in a report on Canadians in the Canadian championship. And even if this blog was used as a source I wouldn't really mind.

All I'm asking you to do is to draw your own conclusions.

While you're doing that, check out the latest developments in the Jacob Lensky saga.

My opinion: FC Utrecht aren't a bad side, and if he is committed to making a go of professional football, not a bad place to be. I always like having players in a country where I can read the language (you hear that Atiba -- get the hell out of Denmark!).


Lord Bob said...

First off, I believe you are the career leader in links to my website, which is remarkable since I'm not even on your blogroll. :P

Second off, if a CSA media flack is using your website as his personal wire service, clearly you should use this power for good rather than evil! Just seed your match day reports with little nuggets about how we need to sack the CSA/hire some big-name European coach/offer David Hoilett a gold statue of himself in exchange for his playing in the Gold Cup and see how many slip into the press releases.

Anonymous said...

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Clint said...

Try tossing in some pretty-close-to-being-true-but-false data into your next matchday report, just for shits and giggles.