Monday, May 11, 2009

This is how rumours get started

I'm growing a bit tired of the NHL playoffs, which is one reason that I was spending time this Monday evening perusing the referral stats for this blog. What caught my eye was a user who arrived on this blog having searched for 'andrea lombardo kilmarnock'.

I know for a fact that I've never written a post that joins these topics. But, lo and behold, Lombardo's wikipedia entry was updated 22 April 2009 to suggest that he is on trial and expected to sign with Kilmarnock FC of the Scottish Premier League.

This all comes as a bit of a surprise given how poor Lombardo was in his time with Toronto. For those who have already forgotten the man, he was a longer-haired, Canadian version of Chad Barrett, though somehow slower and more snake bitten.

If it's true that he is close to catching on with a Scottish side, then all power to him. He could probably use all the help he can get. If anyone can corroborate this story (or rumour), or can prove otherwise, please fill me in.

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J said...

The wikipedia entry now reads

He is currently on trial with Hamilton Steelers in the Hammer, and looks set to be offered a deal the manager.
For whatever it's worth. I'm not sure I'd trust the veracity of a wikipedia contributor that refers to Hamilton as "the Hammer", and can't string together a grammatically correct sentence.