Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Voyageurs Cup Matchday 2 Report

Just the facts:
Scoring Summary:
35' - Chad Barrett (Jim Brennan)

Montreal Impact
1.Matt Jordan; 2.Kevin Sakuda (12.Eduardo Sebrango 63'), 3.Adam Braz, 5.Nevio Pizzolitto, 7.David Testo, 8.Sandro Grande, 9.Rocco Placentino, 10.Roberto Brown (24.Simon Gatti 75'), 17.Joey Gjertsen (21. Felix Brillant 72'), 25.Zanzan Atte-oudeyi, 26. Cedric Jocqueviel

Toronto FC
24.Stefan Frei; 3.Nana Attakora-Gyan, 4.Marco Velez, 11.Jim Brennan, 15.Adrian Serioux; 16.Marvell Wynne (Chad Barrett 16'), 2.Sam Cronin, 33.Carl Robinson, 20.Amado Guevara (Fuad Ibrahim 88'), 14.Dwayne De Rosario (Kevin Harmse 74'), 8.Pablo Vitti

71' - David Testo

Stupid headline: TFC get their revenge on Impact
Ok, so it's not such a stupid headline. The idea that anyone was out for revenge in this match is a tad ludicrous, but as headlines go, it's not that bad. I'll let the WFP and others take a crack at it, and perhaps by tomorrow morning we'll have a new winner.

Obligatory goal celebration photo(s):

Again, just one photo to report.

One paragraph analysis
More than the last match against Vancouver, Toronto was in control. They had more chances, and might have won by a larger margin had Dwayne De Rosario and company brought their shooting boots. Still, all of Toronto's possession didn't create a lot in the way of chances. Instead, the bulk of the close calls came after poor clearances by Montreal's defence, and bad passes out of midfield. In the end, after Testo's sending off, Montreal created a bit and the play improved.

One (or two) sentence thoughts
  • It was very convenient of the feed, which was direct from the BMO scoreboard, not to show a replay of the Montreal offside goal. I thought it was onside, and it was definitely close enough to deserve a second look, just like the foul just outside (and it was outside) Montreal's penalty area that was replayed several times.
  • Sandro Grande is clearly out of sorts, or dealing with something, as he was industrious but rather sloppy.
  • I hate to look like I am picking on Montreal's American players, but Testo, Gjertsen, and Sakuda were really poor with their passing. The other American, keeper Matt Jordan, was excellent.
  • Too many crowd shots. The TFC fans are beginning to seem far to self-congratulatory for my liking.
  • Montreal was best in the last 20 minutes after Testo's sending off. Not your typical situation where a team rallies because it is a man down, but because Testo was a black hole out there, wasting every ball.
  • This game would have been much different if two of Montreal's better defensive players, Leo di Lorenzo and Stefano Pesoli, were healthy. Jocqueviel did well, but Zanzan was a bit of a mess.

Canadian content report

The teams each started 4 Canadians, and a few more were brought on throughout the game. I've already mentioned that I thought Sandro Grande was poor. Dwayne De Rosario was excellent to start, but began to fade before he was replaced. Nana Attakora looked good for Toronto, and if Marvell Wynne's injury is anything serious, should get a serious run of playing time in the near future. Rocco Placentino hit a great shot to score on the 'offside' play, and had other moments as well.

Nana Attakora 90
Jim Brennan 90
Dwayne De Rosario 74
Adrian Serioux 90
Kevin Harmse 16
Total Mins 360

Adam Braz 90
Nevio Pizzolitto 90
Sandro Grande 90
Rocco Placentino 90
Eduardo Sebrango 27
Felix Brillant 18
Simon Gatti 15
Total Mins 420

The pool report
A fair number of people nailed the correct score of tonight's match: M@, Nuvinho, dyslexic nam, Joe Ross, Lucky Strike, Serie_AHH, Kevin Rollins, Joe Soccer Fan, 3LionRoar, PhilD, and Simon B.

Lucky Strike and 3LionRoar also had the correct scores last week, and now lead the Nutrilite Canadian Championship Pool:

Difference Entries
0 Lucky Strike, 3LionRoar
1 M@, squizz, Nuvinho, zeelew, Joe Ross, Kevin Rollins, Simon B
2 J, P, Kevin Elder, dyslexic nam, Elvis, Serie_AHH, Joe Soccer Fan, coxon
3 Sam, Lord Bob, Duane Rollins, Rob, Dan, PhilD, Matt John Gregg, Scott Hegedus
4 Headhunting Canuck
5 maxg, vweyonlah
6 nobuzz


Team W D L Pts
Toronto FC 2
0 0 6
Montreal Impact 0 0 1
Vancouver Whitecaps 0 0 1 0

Player Team Goals
Kevin Harmse Toronto FC 1
Chad Barrett
Toronto FC

Next match: 20 May 2009: Montreal Impact @ Vancouver Whitecaps


Colin Smith said...

Good look back at the game J. Toronto FC dominated most of it, had most of the possession and Frei only had to make one save. But they still need to finish. TFC hasn't scored more than one goal at home all year... They can't keep scraping by.

The other thing I noticed from last night was that luck seemed to go TFC's way for once. You talked about the Impact goal which was chopped off (unfairly it seems). I too was pissed about not being able to see a replay and I was sitting in the press box! I couldn't believe that they couldn't show us that again. But the other bit of luck was on Barrett's goal. Brennan lost his position and basically lumped the ball downfield just to get out of trouble and it landed right at Barrett's foot and you know the rest... What a goal!

Limniatis and Cummins/Dasovic were screaming at each other in the second half about something. Security stepped in. I don't think this was reported or shown on the feed.

Matt Jordan is class. A great goalkeeper and a very articulate guy in the news conference.

Overall I think Montreal was pleased with the result and the performance.

Just a few of my observations. It saves me from doing a blog post myself!

J said...

I agree that finishing is the issue for TFC. Apart from the bungled breakaway by Barrett, there were several other opportunities that just hit, grazed, or just missed the woodwork, and several others that forced a decent save out of Jordan.

This is actually an improvement on last season, when similar opportunities usually resulted in a blast 10 feet over the bar or a final pass that missed its intended target completely.

Jordan is a "career USLer" (as Duane Rollins would put it) yet he could easily start on several teams in MLS. Dallas comes immediately to mind. Rumour has it that he turned down a handful of MLS offers to play for Saputo and Montreal. You are right, he is class.

I hope we don't have two draws in the next two matches between Vancouver and Montreal so that there is some drama by the time Toronto's last two matches are played.

Duane Rollins said...

Jordan actually had a good run in MLS....

Too many crowd shots. The TFC fans are beginning to seem far to self-congratulatory for my liking.I'm not sure how the fans are supposed to control the scoreboard feed? Also, it was the scoreboard feed. It's pretty common to show shots of the crowd on the scoreboard in any city...

J said...

You're right; I should really have taken into consideration the fact that it was the scoreboard feed. At most sporting events, the in-house scoreboard will feature countless idiots mugging for the camera.

The larger point that I was trying to make is that, from television broadcasts, a lot of the supporter culture seems to be about drawing attention to the supporters themselves, moreso than supporting the team. This is partly the fault of broadcasters for focussing on supporters/fans when they rarely do so in other sports, and the team for putting up such poor results over the first two seasons that the fans are the best story to tell. But I'm tired of fans as 'the story' because I no longer think this is true.

Colin Smith said...

I guess they couldn't have been that happy with the result... Limniatis Fired...

Anonymous said...

Smith said: "Overall I think Montreal was pleased with the result and the performance."

really? Montreal should be disappointed with the way they played and not pleased with losing.

TFC had most of the possession including long stretches in the second half, TFC had many times more chances, TFC could have had 3 goals, Montreal could barely string a pass together, Montreal passed many balls out of bounds, Montreal's players were tricked all night by the quick moves of Vitti and De Ro, Montreal had just a few shots and nothing of significance...

If Montreal are "pleased" with this, they have low standards.

Montreal has also yet to beat TFC in 3 games... 2 TFC wins, 1 tie.

USL 4 EVR ;)

squizz said...

"At most sporting events, the in-house scoreboard will feature countless idiots mugging for the camera."

Don't forget the endless shots of attractive girls and their shocked reactions at being caught on camera, right in the middle of asking their boyfriends "what's an FC, anyway?"

Colin Smith said...

You're right. What I meant to say was Montreal seemed pleased with the result, I don't know why I added they were pleased with the performance. Limniatis said post-match that he thought they deserved a draw, but didn't deserve a win.

It's an away cup game. A 1-0 result against a team in a higher league could be considered a decent result.