Thursday, May 28, 2009

Voyageurs Cup Matchday 4 Report

Just the facts:
Scoring Summary:
67' - VAN - Ethan Gage

Vancouver Whitecaps FC
1.Jay Nolly; 4.Justin Thompson, 8.Wes Knight, 22.Takashi Hirano, 27.Jeff Parke; 7.Martin Nash, 16.Ansu Toure (18.Mason Trafford 90'), 19.Justin Moose (24.Lyle Martin 63'), 20.Ethan Gage; 14.Marcus Haber (11.Dever Orgill 87'), 98.Charles Gbeke

Montreal Impact
1.Matt Jordan; 2.Kevin Sakuda, 3.Adam Braz, 18.Leonardo Di Lorenzo (28.Peter Byers 79'), 25.Zanzan Atte-Oudeyi (14.Tony Donatelli 74'); 8.Sandro Grande, 21.Felix Brillant (19.Pa Amadou Gai 69'), 23.Stephen deRoux , 24.Simon Gatti; 12.Eduardo Sebrango, 17.Joey Gjertsen

Stupid headline: Caps make big Impact in Nutrilite Series
Not only is it a rather weak use of the impact pun, but while this tournament has been called various things, officially and unofficially, in its short existence, 'Nutrilite Series' is not one of them.

Simon Gatti's Ben Hur impression

Two paragraph analysis
I didn't watch the match. Instead, I was watching a PVR'd recording of Barcelona - Manchester United, which ended the way that I had hoped. Knowing the result in advance lifted the burden of nerves and emotions from the experience, so I was able to enjoy football for football's sake. Barcelona's play did not disappoint. I can say unequivocally that that is the best club football I have seen this year.

That said, it is perhaps a bit unfortunate that a large proportion of those who tuned into Vancouver - Montreal had already watched this superior display of football earlier in the day. From all reports, this Nutrilite match was sloppy and lacking in flow and urgency. Vancouver winning is good for interest's sake for the remainder of the tournament, but in the long run what is good for Canadian soccer is good soccer being played in Canada.

Analysis from people who actually watched the match is welcome. Use the comments section.

One (or two) sentence thoughts
  • Last week Marcus Haber became, I think, the youngest goal scorer in Nutrilite Canadian Championship history. Now Ethan Gage holds the honour.
  • Montreal need to get fitter, deeper, and younger in their squad.
  • This tournament might have gone quite differently for Montreal if defenders Stefano Pesoli, Cedric Jocqueviel, and Nevio Pizzolitto had not missed some or all of the action.

Bonus video archive info
I believe Radio Canada had a web broadcast of last night's match en fran├žais and an archived version should be available soon on their soccer page.

Canadian content report

Both teams started 5 Canadians. The difference, which reveals a lot about the present and future of both clubs, is that Vancouver fielded two Canadian starters 20 or younger (Haber and Gage), while the youngest Canadian starter for Montreal was Adam Braz, who is 27.

Justin Thompson 90
Martin Nash 90
Mason Trafford 1
Ethan Gage 90
Marcus Haber 87
Charles Gbeke 90
Total Mins 448

Adam Braz 90
Sandro Grande 90
Felix Brillant 69
Simon Gatti 90
Eduardo Sebrango 90
Total Mins 429

The pool report
Quite a number of people nailed the correct result of last night's match. The full list of precocious prognosticators: M@, Duane Rollins, squizz, Nuvinho, Joe Ross, Serie_AHH, Kevin Rollins, and nobuzz.

We now have a three way tie for the lead the Nutrilite Canadian Championship Pool:

Difference Entries
3 M@, squizz, Nuvinho
4 Lucky Strike, Kevin Rollins, 3LionRoar
5 Duane Rollins, Joe Ross, Elvis, Joe Soccer Fan, Scott Hegedus
6 P, Kevin Elder, dyslexic nam, zeelew, Serie_AHH, coxon
7 J, Rob, PhilD, Simon B, Matt John Gregg
8 Lord Bob, Dan
9 maxg, Headhunting Canuck, nobuzz
10 Sam, vweyonlah


Team W D L Pts
Toronto FC 2
0 0 6
Vancouver Whitecaps
2 0 1
Montreal Impact 0 0 3

Player Team Goals
Kevin Harmse Toronto
Chad Barrett
Marcus Haber
Charles Gbeke
Ethan Gage

Next match: 2 June 2009: Toronto FC @ Vancouver Whitecaps


Lord Bob said...

Only eight goals out! It ain't over yet*!

Also, I don't see what's so stupid about that headline. I just hope the Whitecaps manage to fight on and win the Voyageurs Superbowl.

* - it is, in fact, over.

Sam said...

This pool may just take away any previous credibility I had.

J said...

The headline isn't too bad actually, but that stupid headline bit has become a bit of a feature of these game reports. And I still fail to see what makes the use of the 'impact' pun so irresistible to headline writers.

Sam, I'm glad to see you're alive and well after yesterday's proceedings. I hope your Nutrilite pool struggles didn't add too much to your hardships.

It's never good when a guy who goes by the name of 'squizz' (which might just be one of the most digusting portmanteau word ever) is making the rest of us look bad.

J said...

Lord Bob,

If you want to hold on to a shred of hope, you're not eight goals out. The total difference between your predictions and the actual scores is 8, which is 5 worse than the three guys in first.

But yes, you are likely done like dinner.

M@ said...

Woo hoo! Though my time at the top might be short-lived, unless TFC fields its 'B' squad next week.

The three of us in the lead have different predictions for next week so I think we could be in for a shake-up in the leaderboard.

Lord Bob said...

Well, my chances of winning are every bit as good as the Impact's chances of winning the VCup were before last night, and that didn't stop Dobson from going on about it.