Monday, June 22, 2009

Canada roster for Gold Cup

The Gold Cup website published 30-man preliminary rosters for the tournament last week, including one for Canada. I didn't make much of that, as these lineups in the past haven't always had a lot to do with the squads that are actually sent to the tournament.

Today, the CSA announced the 23-man roster that will get together leading up to the Gold Cup.

The players:

# Player Pos. Team League
1 Greg Sutton GK unattached n/a
2 Adrian Cann D Esbjerg fB Denmark
3 Mike Klukowski D/M Club Brugge Belgium
4 Andre Hainault D Houston Dynamo MLS
5 Kevin McKenna D/F 1. FC Köln Germany
6 Julian De Guzman M Deportivo La Coruna Spain
7 Paul Stalteri D/M Borussia Mönchengladbach Germany
8 Marcel de Jong M Roda JC Netherlands
9 Ali Gerba F unattached n/a
10 Will Johnson M/F Real Salt Lake MLS
11 Richard Hastings D Inverness CT Scotland
12 Issey Nakajima-Farran M FC Nordsjælland Denmark
13 Atiba Hutchinson D/M FC København Denmark
14 Dejan Jakovic D DC United MLS
15 Josh Simpson M/F FC Kaiserslautern Germany
16 Simeon Jackson F Gillingham FC England
17 Jaime Peters D/M Ipswich Town FC England
18 Josh Wagenaar GK Yeovil Town
19 Kevin Harmse D/M Toronto FC MLS
20 Patrice Bernier M FC Nordsjælland Denmark
21 Chris Pozniak M Dundee FC Scotland
22 Kenny Stamatopoulos GK FC Lyn Oslo Norway
23 Charles Gbeke F Vancouver Whitecaps USL

By country/league: Denmark-4; MLS-4'; Germany-3; England-3; Scotland-2; unattached-2; Spain, Belgium, Netherlands-1 each.

The 2 unattached players shouldn't be the cause for too much alarm. Ali Gerba looks to be signing with Toronto soon and has the best strike rate of anyone for Canada. And Greg Sutton, while no great shakes, is a reasonable performer and should catch on somewhere in North America soon.

The most notable omission from the squad, for me, is keeper Lars Hirschfeld. He's looking for work right now. If he is looking to catch on in a place like Germany, as has been rumoured, it is probably wise to skip out on the tournament. Other Germany-based players, including Daniel Imhof and Nik Ledgerwood, as well as the injured Rob Friend and David Hoilett (if he feels Canadian) may have chosen preseason training ahead of this tournament.

The last 5 names on the list do nothing to excite me, so lets hope they remain depth players and not key starters in a Gold Cup run.

Caps and goals

# Player Caps
7 Paul Stalteri 73
11 Richard Hastings 54
13 Atiba Hutchinson 40
5 Kevin McKenna 39
6 Julian De Guzman 36
20 Patrice Bernier 36
21 Chris Pozniak 24
9 Ali Gerba 23
3 Mike Klukowski 20
15 Josh Simpson 19
12 Issey Nakajima-Farran 17
17 Jaime Peters 16
4 Andre Hainault 14
1 Greg Sutton 11
19 Kevin Harmse 9
8 Marcel de Jong 7
2 Adrian Cann 5
22 Kenny Stamatopoulos 5
10 Will Johnson 5
23 Charles Gbeke 3
14 Dejan Jakovic 1
16 Simeon Jackson 1
18 Josh Wagenaar 1

Total 459

Average 19.96

# Player Goals
9 Ali Gerba 11
5 Kevin McKenna 9
7 Paul Stalteri 7
6 Julian De Guzman 4
13 Atiba Hutchinson 2
16 Simeon Jackson 1
11 Richard Hastings 1
12 Issey Nakajima-Farran 1
17 Jaime Peters 1
4 Andre Hainault 1
18 Josh Wagenaar 0
22 Kenny Stamatopoulos 0
23 Charles Gbeke 0
19 Kevin Harmse 0
20 Patrice Bernier 0
21 Chris Pozniak 0
15 Josh Simpson 0
3 Mike Klukowski 0
2 Adrian Cann 0
1 Greg Sutton 0
14 Dejan Jakovic 0
10 Will Johnson 0
8 Marcel de Jong 0

Total 38

Average 1.65

A welcome announcement would be some sort of friendly before the tournament kicks off in less than two weeks, but I suppose that is unlikely.

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