Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Help wanted

I'll be out of blogging range from July 3 - July 12 or so, which rather inconveniently coincides with the entire group stage of the CONCACAF Gold Cup. By the time I emerge from the wilderness, Canada could be out.

I'm looking for someone to keep my readers apprised of events, by blogging the matches and any important news and notes pre- and post-match. Headhunting canuck, since you've filled in before, I'm looking in your direction, but others are welcome. Drop me a line if you're interested.

Also, stay tuned for a new contest. It will be Gold Cup related.


Headhunting Canuck said...

I'll be sure to fill in for the gold cup.

Enjoy the wilderness... I hope it's the Canadian type, and if you are, Norther Ontario is beautiful this time of the year and I hear you Manitobians are quite found of taking over the Kenora region.

J said...

Kenora region is pretty darn close. Part of my travels over the next week or so will include a canoe expedition in the Experimental Lakes Area (about 30 mins from Kenora).

As always, thanks for the help.