Friday, June 19, 2009

Nutrilite Canadian Championship Pool winner is . . .

Just like the real NCC / Voyageurs Cup final, the pool had to be decided my a tie-breaker. It feels wrong somehow.

These were the tie-breaking criteria that I listed a while back:
Pool winner will be determined by:
1. Smallest total goal difference between predicted and actual results.
If there is a tie based on #1, the following criteria will be applied in order.
2. Total number of correctly predicted results.
3. Entry correctly predicts champion based on predicted match results.
4. Earliest entry.
We had a tie after #1 between M@, squizz, and Lucky Strike.

That's when the remaining metrics had to be applied.

Unfortunately, I was a bit ambiguous about tie-breaker #2. "Correctly predicted results" could just as easily mean "correctly predicted exact score" as "correctly predicted winning team of each match". Fortunately, this error turned out not to be fatal.

Here's how it all worked out:

Entry Number of exact scorelines Number of correct results Winner as determined by predicted scores
M@ 2 3 VAN
squizz 2 3 TOR
Lucky Strike 2 3 TOR

In other words, under either interpretation of tie-breaker #2, we still had a 3-way tie. After #3 was applied, M@ was eliminated, and we were left with two entries.

Tie-breaker #4, our version of the coin flip, means that our winner is squizz, of some canadian guys . . .

The prize as initially announced was a Canada scarf from the CSA shop, or any other item from that store of equal or lesser value. So, squizz, drop me an email, or heck, make a post on your blog with your choice of prize.


M@ said...

Highway robbery!

Just kidding. Congrats, Squizz, on the big win. I feel a lot better about the pool result than the actual tournament!

And congrats Lucky Strike on coming second.

Most of all, thanks J for running this pool. It's been almost as entertaining as your post-match reports.

squizz said...

Oh baby! This is what we call a good day! I had a feeling I might have won, based on the scoreline... good to have it confirmed, because I was getting some very funny looks at the pub shouting "Holy shit, I won the Out Of Touch pool!"

Now I know how the boys felt in the 2000 Gold Cup! Huzzah for drawing of lots!

M@, Lucky Strike, you were worthy competitors. Jono, I will mull over my decision for a day or so.

squizz said...

Alright J, although the scarf is tempting, I do already have my Voyageurs scarf kicking around, so I've settled on the rather stylish (though unfortunately named) red splat t-shirt (even cheaper than the scarf!)

Couldn't find your email addy on the site, so drop me one: Thanks!

J said...

Figures a guy who calls himself 'squizz' would go for something called 'Red Splat'.

Sent an email.