Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Tie-breaking scenarios

I've been getting some hits lately from people looking for the tie-breaking criteria for the Nutrilite Canadian Championship. They may have waited until the tournament was nearly over, but the Canadian Soccer Association did get around to publishing the tie-breaking scenarios yesterday:
The champion will be determined by:
1. Most points in all group matches
2. Greater # of points in matches between the teams concerned
3. Greater goal difference in matches between the teams concerned (if more than two teams finish equal on points)
4. Greater # of goals scored in matches among the teams concerned (if more than two teams finish equal on points)
5. Results from all group matches
a) greater goal difference in all group matches
b) greater # of goals scored in all group matches
6. Drawing of lots
Toronto wins the Voyageurs Cup if they win or draw tonight. Vancouver could put themselves in a good position with a multi-goal win tonight. If I am interpreting these rules correctly, tie-breakers #3 and #4 would be skipped if Toronto and Vancouver end up tied. I'm hoping for a Vancouver win for selfish reasons, but also to maintain some interest for the finale at Stade Saputo.

It may be hypocritical of me to say so, seeing as my Canada soccer fandom really began as a result of a Gold Cup coin flip in 2000, but it would be a real shame if it came down to #6.

Inspired by the CSA's lassitude in getting this tie-breaking info out to the general public, here are the criteria for my Nutrilite Canadian Championship Pool:
Pool winner will be determined by:
1. Smallest otal goal difference between predicted and actual results.
If there is a tie based on #1, the following criteria will be applied in order.
2. Total number of correctly predicted results.
3. Entry correctly predicts champion based on predicted match results.
4. Earliest entry.
I won't be watching the match tonight as I'll be heading in person to some final round hockey playoff action. Not NHL, of course. AHL. If the Stanley Cup finals are like grade 12 graduation, the Calder Cup finals are like grade 9 farewell. Still awesome, just not as important.


Joe Soccer Fan said...

J, I think #3 and #4 can still be a factor due to the fact that a possible Vancouver win would not necessarily be 1-0 (as was the TFC win). For example, a 2-0 win for Vacnouver would put them up 2-1 in goals in head to head matchups.

The interesting thing would be if Vancouver wins this one 1-0 and TFC beats Montreal 2-0. By my count that means the whole tournament would come down to "drawing of lots"...which I assume means a coin toss!

J said...

#3 and #4 both have the stipulation "if more than two teams finish equal on points". That is not the case in this instance.