Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Voulez vous bloguer avec moi?

Footballer, blogger, lover.

Patrice Bernier, occasional national team midfielder, has apparently joined the ranks of the bloggers. Or something like it.

A guide for Patrice

If you haven't been frequenting the Radio Canada soccer page over the last month or so, you may have missed the fact that Bernier now writes a (roughly) weekly blog-ish column on a variety of soccer-related topics.

Click on the links if you are fluent in the language of love (French):
  • 28 mai 2009: On est encore le Canada -- Bernier's take on the reasons that Canada isn't involved in the final bit of qualifying for South Africa. Lack of resources for preparation and friendlies is the main one given. He also mentions that the team was hopeful after the relatively successful 2007 Gold Cup tournament.
  • 23 mai 2009: Repartir à zéro -- Preview of the Champions League final.
  • 14 mai 2009: Le mystère et l'attrait de la MLS -- Bernier's take on MLS. Despite the (mis)adventures of David Beckham on this side of the pond, the league continues to enjoy a fairly low profile. It is hard to judge the playing level relative to European leagues because full-strength sides rarely play each other. Patrice suggests that entry into MLS is a logical next step for the Impact, for reasons of prestige and rivalries, and because the USL-1 kitchen will have been seriously raided after 2011 once Vancouver and, presumably, Portland are out of the picture.
  • 30 avril 2009: D'un océan à l'autre -- Bernier talks about his experience in Denmark (young players with lots of technical skill are the norm) and pimps Barcelona for the Champions League title.
I'll be keeping an eye on that space, as Bernier offers a unique perspective.