Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Voyageurs Cup Matchday 5 Report

Just the facts:
Scoring Summary:
31' - VAN - Ansu Toure
81' - VAN - Ansu Toure (Charles Gbeke)

Vancouver Whitecaps FC
1.Jay Nolly; 6.Wesley Charles, 22.Takashi Hirano, 24.Lyle Martin, 27.Jeff Parke; 8.Wes Knight, 16.Ansu Toure, 20.Ethan Gage (18.Mason Trafford 59'), 28.Gordon Chin; 14.Marcus Haber (13.Kenold Versailles 82'), 98.Charles Gbeke

Toronto FC
1.Greg Sutton; 3.Nana Attakora, 5.Kevin Harmse (4.Marco Velez 83'), 11.Jim Brennan (13.Johann Smith 83'), 15.Adrian Serioux; 2.Sam Cronin, 8.Pablo Vitti, 14.Dwayne De Rosario, 33.Carl Robinson; 9.Danny Dichio, 19.Chad Barrett (10.Rohan Ricketts 67')

Stupid headline: I couldn't find any stupid headlines this time, maybe because the Impact weren't playing and headline writers couldn't resort to the obvious puns. Here's a good writeup on the game from the Province:
Win puts Whitecaps one step from representing Canada in CONCACAF Champions League

Obligatory goal celebration photo(s)


Toure (x2)

Two paragraph analysis
I've only watched the first half and bits and pieces of the second from the downloaded match video (see below). In those parts of the game that I saw, Vancouver was in control. Toronto had moments, but didn't look like the more threatening side, but for a brief run at the end of the first half and beginning of the second. I understand Toronto began to carry the play more as the game went on, but wasn't able to convert this into a goal. Probably the best way to spin it is that the game was fairly even, but Vancouver (read: Toure) had the better finishing on the night.

TFC fans might throw the shots at goal statistics around as proof of their dominance, but supporters of the Whitecaps could easily make a retort with the corner kick stats, a telling sign of territorial supremacy. In the end, though, the team that 'deserves to win' (a pretty pointless phrase) is the one that scores more goals, and tonight it was Vancouver. And until Toronto finds a way to make better use of their chances (and it's not just Barrett, people) they will continue to struggle in all competitions.

One (or two) sentence thoughts
  • Is it just me, or should Greg Sutton have done better on his save/punch that resulted in the first Vancouver goal?
  • Gerry Dobson sure makes his share of mistakes: Steve Nash? Vancouver Canucks? Both of those in a 30-second span.
  • Question to TFC and Whitecaps fans: Who would you rather have for the next 2 years: Danny Dichio or Marcus Haber?
  • Lots of talk about the gap between USL and MLS. The following Vancouver players, I think, could easily be starters in MLS: Wesley Charles, Jay Nolly, Lyle Martin. Give Ethan Gage and Marcus Haber a year or two (ie: in time for 2011) and they'll make the list too.

Match video download
[1st half] :: [2nd half]

Canadian content report

I'm not in the mood to delve too deep into the records, but Toronto's Canadian content on Tuesday night may have been the most in their club's history. Their 526 Canadian minutes played is second only to Montreal on matchday 3 (546), though some fans will dispute my inclusion of Eddy Sebrango as Canadian.

Ethan Gage 59
Mason Trafford 31
Gordon Chin 90
Marcus Haber 82
Charles Gbeke 90
Total Mins 352

Greg Sutton 90
Nana Attakora 90
Kevin Harmse 83
Jim Brennan 83
Adrian Serioux 90
Dwayne De Rosario 90
Total Mins 526

The pool report
It seems nobody saw this result coming. Well, somebody did. maxg nailed the pick, though he's far enough back that it hardly seems to matter for him at this point. We also had our single worst pick of the tournament. Matt John Gregg, the man with 3 first names, missed the pick by a goal differential of 6, as he had Toronto winning 4-0. That pick dropped him from the middle of the pack to last.

A showdown between M@ and squizz looks likely, so hopefully the more arbitrary of my tie-breakers can be avoided. However, with M@ picking Montreal at 2-1, and squizz banking on a 1-1 draw, there are some results that would provide from a draw in the final standings.

For now, M@ is alone in the lead of the Nutrilite Canadian Championship Pool:

Difference Entries
4 M@
5 squizz
6 Nuvinho, Lucky Strike, 3LionRoar
7 Joe Ross, Elvis, Kevin Rollins, Joe Soccer Fan, Scott Hegedus
8 J, Kevin Elder, zeelew, Serie_AHH
9 P, Duane Rollins, Rob, dyslexic nam, maxg, Simon B, coxon
10 Dan, PhilD
11 Lord Bob, nobuzz
12 Sam, Headhunting Canuck
13 Matt John Gregg, vweyonlah


Team W D L Pts
Vancouver Whitecaps
0 1
Toronto FC
2 0 1
Montreal Impact 0 0 3

Player Team Goals
Ansu Toure
Kevin Harmse Toronto
Chad Barrett
Marcus Haber
Charles Gbeke
Ethan Gage

Next match: 18 June 2009: Toronto FC @ Montreal Impact


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