Friday, June 19, 2009

Voyageurs Cup Matchday 6 Report

Just the facts:
Scoring Summary:
TFC 0 Montreal 1, Donatelli 24'
TFC 1 Montreal 1 De Rosario 29'
TFC 2 Montreal 1 De Rosario 39'
TFC 3 Montreal 1 De Rosario 49'
TFC 4 Montreal 1 Guevara 69'
TFC 5 Montreal 1 Barrett 83'
TFC 6 Montreal 1 Guevara 90'

Montreal Impact
Srdjan Djekanovic, Stephen deRoux, Simon Gatti, Elkana Mayard, Kevin Sakuda, Leonardo Di Lorenzo, Tony Donatelli (Felix Brilliant 65), Joey Gjertsen, David Testo (Stefano Pesoli 50), Peter Byers, Pierre-Rudolph Mayard (Rocco Placentino 71)

Toronto FC
Stefan Frei, Nana Attakora (Fuad Ibrahim 80), Adrian Serioux (Marco Velez 64), Nick Garcia, Jim Brennan, Sam Cronin, Carl Robinson, Amado Guveara, Pablo Vitti (Chad Barrett 45), Danny Dichio, Dwayne De Rosario

Stupid headline: TFC steals title with six-pack of goals
Because anything that comes in sixes can only be delivered in a six-pack . . .

Obligatory goal trophy celebration photo(s)
I'll have to have one photo stand in for 7 as I can't be bothered to collect them all.

Two paragraph analysis

That is the only word I can use to describe Montreal's lineup choices and level of effort after the first half. A team like Toronto FC should expect to beat an Impact B- squad 6-1. And while the Impact side was depleted, there were plenty of better options on the bench than plenty of the names that started. If all bodies were available, don't you think a line up of Jordan, Braz, Pizzolitto, Pesoli, Jocqueviel, Placentino, Grande, Leduc, Brillant, Sebrango and Brown would have beaten the XI that started tonight? Heck, that group might have won 6-1 as well.

Credit to Toronto FC for giving an honest effort. The exact opposite applies to Montreal, who brought shame to the competition. Dishonourable mention to the tiebreaking criteria that rewards total goal difference before head-to-head goal difference.

One (or two) sentence thoughts
  • Dwayne de Rosario was named tournament MVP. That seems a bit too much reward for really only showing up for one of the matches, but I can't think of anybody else that deserved it.
  • Not only did the Impact drop the ball for this game, but so did the Montreal crowd. I know it was a (theoretically) meaningless match and it was raining, but still.
  • Kevin Sakuda is the worst player getting significant minutes on a Canadian pro team. He was in large part responsible for at least 3 of the Toronto goals.
  • While there is no excusing Montreal's defense, they could easily have had 3 goals, which would have made it a different story.
  • I'm not happy about the result, but I can't imagine how the Whitecaps feel. There were some team officials at Saputo last night (the Whitecaps play the Impact on Saturday) and I wouldn't want to feel what they would have been going through. I hope Vancouver lays a beating on Montreal on Saturday.

Canadian content report
Not a lot of Canadian content in this match. The total minutes were second lowest of the matches in the tournament.

Srdjan Djekanovic 90
Simon Gatti 90
Elkana Mayard 90
Felix Brillant 25
Pierre-Rudolph Mayard 71
Rocco Placentino 19
Total Mins 385

Nana Attakora 80
Adrian Serioux 64
Jim Brennan 90
Dwayne De Rosario 90
Total Mins 324

The pool report
Just like last week, it seems like few people saw this result coming, or at least didn't see it 2 months ago. A few people predicted a 2-1 TFC victory, which is the closest anyone got to the correct result.

So not only did Montreal's bending over for Toronto bring shame to the competition, it also turned the standings of the Nutrilite Canadian Championship Pool into a real clusterfuck.

There is a three way tie for first, and now I will have to return to my stupid and arbitrary tiebreaking criteria, just like the big boys did.

I'll have a post later in the day to congratulate the winner, whoever that might turn out to be.

Difference Entries
10 M@, squizz, Lucky Strike
11 Nuvinho
12 Kevin Elder, zeelew, Kevin Rollins, Joe Soccer Fan, 3Lion Roar
13 J, Rob, Elvis, Serie_AHH
14 P, dyslexic nam, Joe Ross, maxg, Phil D, Simon B, Scott Hegedus
15 Duane Rollins, coxon
16 Dan
17 Lord Bob, nobuzz
18 Sam, Headhunting Canuck, vweyonlah
19 Matt John Gregg


Team W D L Pts
Toronto FC***
0 1
Vancouver Whitecaps
0 1
Montreal Impact 0 0 4

*** Toronto wins on total goal difference, +5 to +4.

Player Team Goals
Dwayne de Rosario
Ansu Toure
Amado Guevara
Chad Barrett
Kevin Harmse
Marcus Haber
Charles Gbeke
Ethan Gage
Tony Donatelli

Final word
: Congratulations to Toronto for winning the tournament. As long as this is a competition between an MLS side and two teams from the inferior USL-1 loop, TFC should be winning at least once every 2 years. They did what they needed to do.

Montreal's approach to this final match needs to be looked at, and hopefully we see a rule change (ie: tiebreaking rules) in the future so such a situation can be avoided.

The next step for Toronto is a home-and-away qualifying series against the Puerto Rico Islanders, which won't be easy. I'm not a big TFC guy, but I'll definitely be hoping for Toronto to advance at least as far as Montreal did, and would love to see a crowd of 50,000 cheering on the Reds at Rogers Centre in the dead of winter.

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