Sunday, July 19, 2009

Canada - Honduras redux

Two items that should make it pretty clear how the match last night went down.

First, quotes from none other than Mr. Julian de Guzman:
"I was really disappointed with the officiating, with this particular game. If I had a chance to make a tackle on this ref, I wouldn't even think twice," said a disgusted midfielder Julian de Guzman.

"It's pretty obvious that would be bad business for CONCACAF if Canada was to make it to the finals or semifinals. I mean we don't bring in the crowds that CONCACAF would like," he added.

And now, a game. Penalty or no penalty? You make the call.

Go to 2:40.

Hint: The correct answer is "No penalty!"


P said...

Clearly not a penalty, but than Stalteri was maybe lucky not to be called for a penalty in the first ten minutes (the first one could have gone either way, in my opinion). The commentators on the Spanish feed I was watching were saying something about "compensacion", but I don't know if that meant two referee errors cancelling out, or a purposefully dubious call to repay a perceived non-call. Either way an ignominous way to go out. I was impressed with some of the Canadians I haven't seen play before, like Josh Simpson, but unfortunately I have to say that we lacked the attacking flair that only a De Rosario (or a Radzinski) can offer us. Will Johnson or Simeon Jacksom might become those players, but they're not there yet. Time to brood for another year or two.

J said...

The first Honduras penalty shout was a clear dive, and the fact that our esteemed referee ignored that one gave me hope for the rest of the match. Hope in CONCACAF officiating, of course, is mere folly.

Your point about lack of attacking flair is well made, though I'm not so sure De Rosario is the answer. Johnson and an unmemorable night, and Simpson didn't do enough of quality. If only we could combine the sweet left foot of Klukowski with the speed of Simpson.

The real disappointing thing about this is we will now go two calendar years without any important matches. Any guesses on how many friendlies we'll play in that time?