Thursday, July 16, 2009

Canada vs Honduras all-time

This is a reprise of an old post from those heady days before the beginning of the semi-final round of World Cup qualifying, part of a series in which I also preview Jamaica and Mexico and looked at our records historically against those teams.

Canada's record against Honduras isn't great, especially recently (as we remember all to well, or have conveniently erased from our memories):

Date Location Result CAN HON Competition
09/11/80 Tegucigalpa, Honduras loss 0 2 Friendly
12/11/81 Tegucigalpa, Honduras loss 1 2 WCQ
11/12/83 San Pedro Sula, Honduras loss 1 3 Friendly
14/12/83 Tegucigalpa, Honduras loss 0 1 Friendly
25/08/85 Tegucigalpa, Honduras win 1 0 WCQ
14/09/85 St. John's, NF win 2 1 WCQ
02/10/87 Tegucigalpa, Honduras draw 1 1 Friendly
28/06/91 Los Angeles, USA loss 2 4 Gold Cup
04/04/93 Tegucigalpa, Honduras draw 2 2 WCQ
18/04/93 Burnaby, BC win 3 1 WCQ
10/01/96 Anaheim, USA win 3 1 Gold Cup
30/05/00 Winnipeg, MB win 3 1 Friendly
04/09/04 Edmonton, AB draw 1 1 WCQ
09/10/04 San Pedro Sula, Honduras draw 1 1 WCQ
02/07/05 Burnaby, BC loss 1 2 Friendly
09/06/08 Montreal, QC loss 1 2 WCQ
10/11/08 San Pedro Sula, Honduras loss 1 3 WCQ

Wins 5

Draws 4

Losses 8

Of course we have the two losses from World Cup qualifying, but Canada is also winless against Honduras in their last 5 matches, and hasn't beat the Hondurans in a competitive match since the Gold Cup in '96.

The win in 2000 was a friendly in Winnipeg, my stomping grounds then and now. Sadly I didn't make it out to that match, or the other win in Winnipeg that year, a 1-0 win against Panama in WCQ after it was too late. Of the three Canada matches in the 'Peg that year, I only made it out to the 0-0 draw against Cuba, which remains my only Canada cap.

The difference between Saturday's match and more recent history is that Canada is on a good run of form, while the team Honduras has brought to this Gold Cup is a true 'B' team.

Canada can and should win, and it would be a small but sweet measure of revenge for the losses in 2008. As long as there are no injuries to key players, I feel like Canada should take the match 1-0 or 2-1.


Pompey Canuck said...

Why do you list Montreal as a part of Quebec? I was there and I can assure you that it should read Montreal, Honduras.

I think that we have the strength to give the Honduran B team a good match. We can not afford any mistakes. The other thing in our favour is that we seem to be taking this tournament a lot more seriously than a lot of other teams.

Play Up Canada!

J said...

Why do you list Montreal as a part of Quebec? I was there and I can assure you that it should read Montreal, Honduras.

Ouch! Too soon!