Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Gold Cup Game 2 Preview

Concacaf Gold Cup
Canada vs El Salvador (Crew Stadium)

Columbus, Ohio
7 July 2009
9 pm ET / 8 pm CT / 6 pm PT

Live on Rogers Sportsnet.ca
East 10PM Atlantic
Ontario 9 PM
West 6 PM Pacific Time
Internet: Liveblog here, video feed once found (If you have one, post in comments)

Well Canada got themselves a victory to start off these tournament on a strong note and the squad will look to put their best foot forward going into this next match with El Salvador. With El Salvador's win over Costa Rica on Friday night, the two squads expected to do the poorest in the group will face off in a chance to be alone in 1st place and qualified for the next round.

Canada's first game against Jamaica was a well deserved victory, though the play wasn't as clean or offensive as one would have liked to see. The team controlled play at various times, but also broke done a couple of times to allow Jamaica some quality chances. Greg Sutton kept the team in the game early on in the 2nd half, which allowed for Ali Gerba to slot one home for the Canucks for the victory.

Stalteri spoke on Monday with reporters and stated what is needed to be imporved on for tonight's match up versus El Salvador.
"Tactically, we weren't spot on but we were close."

"We will need to maintain possession of the ball, rather than chase the ball defensively as we did a bit too much of that against Jamaica"
Stephen Hart said in practice on Monday that his player are quietly confident group.

"You can see the players are bubbly and enjoying the practices, and for me that's how I judge the mood of everything,"

Canada will be making one roster change for tonight's game against El Salvador as Kevin Harmse is slightly injured and stayed in Los Angeles to work on regaining his match fitness level.

Tonight's matchup will be a battle of the middle field battle, as El Salvador will try to go up the middle against Canada to begin their play. Jamaica tried this last game and was stuck to trying to work the wings and were for the most part slowed down through the middle. Canada will have a destinct height advantage against El Salvador backs and will look to get some quality crosses into the box. Look for Canada to try spring it outside with their 4-3-3 formation and try to get the crosses in.

Canada will need to be careful with their match fitness level, as they still need to play the full 90 minutes, they took a few minutes off in the 2nd half and Stephen Hart noticed it and has addressed it before the matchup tonight against El Salvador, especially since they are an extremely quick squad.
So come join us out of the rain for tonight's matchup against El Salvador... I'll be live blogging it starting around 8:45 EST. We can only hope sportsnet gets over their idea of tape delaying matchups by 5 minutes.

Bringing back the old contest... I have gotten back to the beautiful people idea. This time I did some research, so we have both contestants from the 2008 Miss Universe. You can decide for yourselves what you think.


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