Monday, July 13, 2009

Gold Cup Goals Pool: After the group stage

I am returned to civilization, windburnt and sore in the paddling muscles, but otherwise intact. Needless to say, one of my first acts upon returning was to queue up a download of the Canada-Costa Rica match without learning of the result (now old hat for me; leave a post in the comments if you want to acquire this skill).

The weeklong break between the group stage and quarterfinals will allow me (and the headhunter, if he wants to share posting duties for the remainder of the tournament) to stretch out some of my thoughts and numbers.

Entry Goals
P 11
Kevin Elder 10
Andrew Bates 10
J 9
M@ 8

The full details are available in a highly unreadable format here.

After taking an early lead, M@ has stumbled a bit and our grad student friend (and owner of the Radzinski doll) takes the lead. A tight race, to be sure, and unlikely to be decided before the final.

Speaking of the final, it happens to fall on the date upon which I will be making another (work-related) excursion, this time into the semi-wilderness of southwestern Manitoba. If Canada should advance that far, I will be kicking myself harder than usual.

Tomorrow: I'll chime in with some analysis, quantitative and qualitative, of the group stage, and particularly the matches that I actually watched, against El Salvador and Costa Rica.


Headhunting Canuck said...


I've come to the conclusion you always take off during important tournaments, now we are more likely than ever to make the gold cup final.

I'll be around for the rest of the tournament before I float myself West towards Manitoba for a week.

M@ said...

How the mighty have fallen! I'm sure I'll make it up in the quarter-finals though...

Pompey Canuck said...

Knowing who everyone picked will make watching the quarters more interesting. I hope that Ali G keeps scoring and takes Canada to the semis.

P said...

The Rennie brothers of Grenada have failed me, but here's hoping that Panama keeps scoring until they face Canada.

Pompey Canuck said...

I think that the B team of Grenada failed everyone, though Kitson Bain looked decent for part of the match against the Americans. I was a bit surprised to learn he is playing domestically in Grenada.

P - as long it is Tejada & B. Perez scoring I happy to see Panama beat up the USA.

Though for Canada the best result would be to face the Americans in the semis & Costa Rica in the final, that would give us the most FIFA points. Assuming we win of course. That said I wouldn't be shocked to see Canada-Panama & Guadelope - Haiti as the semis.