Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hurricane Canada acquires target... Honduras

Well, I know on the boards around none of us predicted that Canada would come out of the group stages undefeated, and sitting on top of the standings of Group A with 7 points. But look now... that is exactly where we sit at today in the Gold Cup tournament. We have not been in this position since 2000 (remember that year, that year where we won the tournament) and all of a sudden things are looking a little sunny side up.

Calm before the storm

So let's turn this into a storm front or weather related project. I've decided that Canada is like a Hurricane coming into this gold cup and hear me out on why I think this. First off, we had the initial storm that was brewing last year where we failed to qualify for the world cup, after some dubious coaching and in doing so ran a few players off the team. Then it sort of just fizzled away. We had silence, calmness, not much happening for Canadian soccer players in general and in terms of figuring out how to proceed with the men's national team.

Brewing storm

First game in the gold cup and we play a pretty good game against Jamaica and get ourselves a goal in the first half to give ourselves a 1-0 lead. We hang on for the win and gather confidence from the victory and the Team Canada storm has begun to build.

The storm is coming together

Our next game we play the fiesty El Salvador squad, which we play our best game of the round robin, we control the game and this storm gets to form into a tropical cyclone, there is movement.

Finally the big test, versus Costa Rica, we go down quickly when Sutton boots the ball to midfield into the feet of a Costa Rica player, who turns the ball up quickly to the striker, who catches Sutton away from his goal and loops the ball over him as he trips and falls to the ground. We come back and place one of the best crosses in a long time... for a second I thought I was watching the Dutch team cross a ball in, as it was a brilliant cross and a beauty finish to knot the game at 1. Then we score another one and Costa Rica comes back with one more. 2-2 at the end of the 1st half. We keep the score like that to get a draw using a B rated squad. The storm has now fully organized, each member has gotten more comfortable with one another and Hurricane Canada is here.
Hurricane Canada in all its glory

Highlights from the Costa Rica vs Canada Game

So tonight we acquired the target, and it is Honduras. Our vast nation, with plenty of trees and water to dump on Honduras is ready to take the next step and qualify for the semi finals of the Gold Cup.

Target Acquired

The big question in the end is, will anyone be able to see the hurricane coming, or will the boards be up once again around Sportsnet network?

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