Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday numbers

Gold Cup: Tuning out

For obvious reasons, I don't much care about the rest of the Gold Cup. Canada lost out in a way which left room for both disappointment in the team (most especially their lack of finishing ability), and mild rage at incompetent or corrupt CONCACAF officiating (thanks, Mr. Aguilar!)

For those who will keep watching, I hope you enjoy the inevitable USA - Mexico final next Sunday. I won't be watching (though I wouldn't have been able to watch had Canada made it anyway).

There remains some Gold Cup business to take care of. The standings in the Gold Cup Goals Pool:

Entry Goals
P 17
Kevin Elder 17
Andrew Bates 14
J 13
M@ 10

With 3 total matches remaining, it looks like M@ is essentially out of the running, and Bates and I would need to get pretty lucky to contend at all. I look forward to this 2-way showdown.

Canadian content

If you look at the sidebar to the right (and this of course won't work for you who are only reading a feed), you'll see that for the first time this season, Montreal has surpassed Vancouver as the pro team fielding the most Canadian content.

2009 Canadian Content Summary
Team Matches Cdn Mins Total Mins Percent
Montreal 21 9176 20731 44.3%
Vancouver 19 8289 18805 44.1%
Toronto 23 8053 22770 35.4%

Interesting that Montreal's climb up these rankings have coincided with their rapid descent down the USL-1 standings (though we should also note that the Whitecaps aren't doing so hot either).

Montreal might have trouble fielding strongly Canadian-flavoured lineups in the future now that they have released midfielder Sandro Grande.

Owner Joey Saputo on the firing:
"Sandro's act was completely unacceptable and our organization does not tolerate such behaviour," Impact president Joey Saputo said in a statement Monday. "We have therefore taken the necessary disciplinary measures. Regardless of the circumstances or the player involved, violence is not accepted in our club."
Saputo hasn't yet had much to say about Marc dos Santos playing keepaway with, and then pushing, a Rochester player trying to take a throw-in. I guess that kind of incident (and if anyone has found a photo of this, let me know) isn't covered in his guide to professional conduct.

With no important Canada matches on the horizon, and Montreal and Vancouver struggling, this is becoming quite the depressing summer of soccer. Though not as bad as last summer and fall, I suppose.

Toronto had better beat Puerto Rico, or things will really start to get grim.


Pompey Canuck said...

Just noticed that I wasn't given the point for Ching's goal, so I should be tied with P.

I am not sure how much of the remaining Gold Cup I will watch. Do we know if Sportsnet is going to show any more of it?

P said...

I was hoping you wouldn't notice that, Pompey. On another note, perhaps was can all agree that the winner of the pot will use his winnings to start a CSA-CONCACAF Referee Appreciation Project (C-CRAP). It could start by purchasing novelty classes (e.g., the ones with the eyeballs attached by slinkies) for all those who obviously need them. Just an idea.

J said...

Fixed the spreadsheet and the post. The showdown between you two is the lone remaining reason to pay attention to this tournament, and like I said, I won't be around for the final (or the next 4 days following) so we'll all have to wait for the official announcement, though you guys should be able to have it figured out by then.

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