Monday, July 27, 2009

Rehash gold cup touney post Canada

So I went into the wilds myself for a week, well actually not the wilds, just Sauble Beach, but it did allow me not to have a high speed internet or television to watch the quaterfinal game against Honduras, and any of the other bogus junk that the CONCACAF tournament provided.

Which brings me to a segway, I found out about the Canadian result in the paper, and not even on my own onus, I was with my Portugeuse soccer loving friend (who is waiting for his team to not qualify for the world cup 2010), he has scavanged a paper from our hosts, and specifically the sports section, and he comes scurrying over to show me the results. He tells me to look and I know this can't be a good reason. I read the title "Honduras ousts Canada from Gold Cup" and then read the first line about Canada being left with a bad taste, and somehow in my quick glancing at the article I saw who the referee was, and promptly refused to read anymore of the article.

Since I've been back home I've been back home I watched the video call on youtube and have done my best just to forget about it. I've also pretended to not have written about the oncoming Canadian Hurricane, never again shall I do that. Again it's CONCACAF and Canada just can't seem to get a break, i think the idea that we should try host the tournament is a good idea, won't make it any better for us, but well at least we could maybe make some profit off the federation for once.

Moving onwards

So Mexico won the tournament last night, and if you were to ask me did I expect this after watching them play during the round robin portion of this tournament I would have said no, not in the least, and nor does it seem like they played that well in the quarter finals and semi finals. But long last they showed up for 45 minutes of soccer and win 5-0. How to explain this, other than saying that it is CONCACAF, where the mighty never get punished, and once again we are left with watching a team that played unorganized boring soccer for the first 5.5 games, showed up for the last 0.5 games and win a trophy. As most Canuck fans would think (why in the wide world of sports can't we get away with this?)

So Mexico is the gold cup champion of 2009, congrats, may you enjoy that title, and I'll go back to watching hockey games when the season starts and remind myself that they are probably in division 4 country hockey somewhere... again have you ever seen a Mexican skate on ice, cause I surely haven't.

Gold Cup All Tournament Team

- Congrats goes to Julian de Guzman and Mike Klukowski for making it to the 18 man roster Gold Cup tournament team. I will admit de Guzman looked exceptional during the tournament, and Klukowski continues to be a steady presence on the back line.


- As J said, the schedule for Canada is going to be quite limited for the next 2 years (until the gold cup shows up again) and will be limited in information, the next thing upcoming will be who is going to coach the squad, will we keep Hart in place, who did a solid job and the players like to play, or we will go elsewhere.
- As well Canada has some decisions to make it terms of development, will we finally see the CSA put a system in place for the juniors to get the coaching they need at the teenager levels in a proper club system, rather than just working province by province, and having a few kids excel over the rest.
- I'm sure J or I will keep you posted on any more information as we see it coming through, but it may be quiet times and we shall maybe have to diversify slightly from just conferring Canadian soccer.

On that note, I agree with J, I'll be putting on my oranje jersey and screaming Hup Holland for the year and a bit.

P.S. Now I'm not sure if I calculated right, but it looks like Kevin Elder (Pompey Canuck) has won the pool... I'll let J confirm that went he gets back from his latest trip into the woods.


arizona carpet cleaners said...

We head to the mountains once a year and stay in a cabin with no internet, though it does get tv reception. Going without internet is very healthy.

Pompey Canuck said...

I hope that you calculated correctly, as I got the same result, Victory is mine!

Also Headhunting Canuck if you are a Dutch supporter is it safe to guess that you follow the Erdevisie as well? If so I am doing a preview in which I would appreciate some other opinions, let me know if you are interested.