Friday, August 14, 2009

Canadian content 2009: What's in a nationality?

I spent an hour or so this morning catching up on my Canadian content spreadsheets for the Whitecaps, Impact, and Toronto FC. In doing so, I was confronted with a question.

The question: Should I classify O'Brian White as Canadian?

Sure, he's repped Jamaica at youth levels, and most sites list him as Jamaican, though the newspapers seem not to know about this. On the other hand, I've been counting Eduardo Sebrango as Canadian for the past two years (he has Canadian citizenship, and hasn't played for Cuba since immigrating, obviously) so to be fair to TFC I have been including him.

Have thoughts on this issue? Leave a comment.

I don't expect it will make a whole lot of difference, as White likely won't pile up a whole lot of minutes this year.

At the end of the year, I'll compile final tables with and without the 'questionable Canadians' (White and Sebrango -- not sure of any others on Canada's pro teams at the moment).

A look at the numbers to date:

Competition CDN Total Percent
CONCACAF Champions League 762 1980 38.5%
USL Regular Season 9085 19760 46.0%
Voyageurs Cup 1780 3941 45.2%
Totals 11627 25681 45.27%

Competition CDN Total Percent
USL Regular Season 9384 19795 47.4%
Voyageurs Cup 1595 3960 40.3%
Totals 10979 23755 46.22%

Competition CDN Total Percent
MLS Regular Season 7180 20750 34.6%
Voyageurs Cup 1570 3960 39.6%
CONCACAF Champions League 646 1980 32.6%
Totals 9396 26690 35.2%

Vancouver and Montreal in particular have been trotting out a lot of Canucks lately, but Toronto has also upped their Canadian content, and should be fielding a fairly Canadian XI once Nana Attakora returns to full health.


Duane Rollins said...

I would say White has to be considered Canadian until he is cap tied to Jamaica. It's unlikely he will ever play for Canada, but technically possible under the new rules.

If he does chose Jamaica then re-open the debate.

J said...

Seems reasonable enough, and likely the approach I'll take.

White is an old young player (turns 24 in December) so unless he becomes such a shining star that he gets a senior Reggae Boyz selection, it may never get to that point. He's too old for U23 or anything younger.

If he scores more goals for TFC (I can't say that the rest of his play yesterday was anything to write home about) he should get a look.