Monday, August 17, 2009

Contest: Hou je van voetbal?

I think that I am fairly unique in that I am far more interested in the goings on of the Netherland's Eredivisie (Dutch top flight) than the battles of the EPL's top 4 for supremacy, and the remaining 16's fight for European crumbs.

In order to create an army of soccer fans with similar proclivities to mine (perish the thought!), I introduce my newest contest. I'm calling it Hou je van voetbal?, which is Dutch for "Do you love football".

(As an aside, imagine whispering 'Ik hou van je' into your sweetheart's ear. Not the most romantic language, is it. No wonder their population isn't growing).

The contest is simple. You must select:
  • 2 teams that you believe will finish in the top 2 at the end of the season. Order doesn't matter.
  • 2 goalscorers that you think will finish at the top of the goal scoring table.
If you think the early returns (3 games in, so far), will help you in your quest, check out the current table and top scorers.

Deadline is whenever you decide to get me your picks There will be a prize. Probably something cheap and Dutch-themed. No entry fee. Exact scoring system, in the case where there is no perfect entry, is TBD.

Email me to enter, or leave a comment with your entry.

My picks:
  • Teams: AZ and Ajax
  • Goalscorers: Mounir el Hamdouai (AZ) and Luis Suarez (Ajax).

If nothing else, this is an excuse for me to publicly track the ups and downs of the 7th or 8th best league in Europe.

Also today: The occasionally entertaining Masshole and columnist Bill Simmons has an article up describing his experience watching USA - Mexico at Azteca.

His tactical understanding may be a little naïve, or perhaps he simply lacks the vocabulary to talk about soccer; to wit:
The Mexicans dominated the next 80-plus minutes, finding a flaw in our defense (left side, back middle of the field) and picking it apart much like a basketball offense would exploit an undersized defender in the low post.
I'm not quite sure what left-side/back middle is intended to mean, nor do I quite grasp the basketball analogy.

Still, it's interesting that such a diehard big 4 (or in his case, 3) spot guy is getting on the soccer bandwagon.


Pompey Canuck said...

Count me in, I will send my picks once I have done a bit more research or seen van Nistelrooy accept a transfer back home.

Headhunting Canuck said...

I'll be getting my picks in shortly, so behind schedule of following the Eredivisie this year.

Lord Bob said...

Ladies and gentlemen, the official Lord Bob Don't Know Shit About the Eridivisie entry:

Winnars: Ajax, FC Utrecht
Scorars: K. Honda, M. el-Hamdaoui

And if you're thinking my logic was "pick a team with a Canadian on it and the two top scorers I've heard of", well, you know me too well.