Saturday, August 01, 2009

Gold Cup Goals Pool

The final tally is in. With a final that saw Mexico put 5 goals past the United States, you might think it would have shaken things up a bit in the virtual competition. Not so. Our man Kevin held his lead.

The final standings:

Entry Goals
Kevin Elder
Andrew Bates 16
J 14
M@ 10

I'll try to make pay out the enormous winnings ($15!) ASAP -- either today, or when I once again emerge from the mountains a week or so from now.

Other interesting stories, like Toronto's bad loss to Puerto Rico in CCL qualifiers, Julian de Guzman finally saying no to TFC, the regular Impact and Whitecaps news, and the like, are certainly being covered on other blogs and I encourage you to read them while I'm gone.


M@ said...

I'd like to congratulate everyone who came ahead of me in the standings, as well as denounce each and every one of you as bounders and cads of the basest sort. Why else would my roaring lead out of the gate dissolve so quickly and so permanently?

(Srsly, thanks as always, J, for running the pool. I'll win it one of these days...)

J said...

Surely finishing last isn't as heartrending as second.

Kevin, sent the payment today.

P said...

If I had been smart enough to pick another Mexican who would get a start, and not Omar Bravo, perhaps I'd have had a chance--but I really had my money on the Rennie bros. of Grenada, and they let me down.