Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Asmir Begovic Nothing Really is Impossible

Well, Asmir Begovic, you finally are getting yourself served. squizz recently went off on Asmir for joining his country's team: Bosnia, like everyone predicted him to do. As usual, athletes that tell the truth is still something I'm looking to find when it comes to Canadian national soccer players.

I understand Asmir that you are totally bummed about playing for Canada and suffering through the politics, but could just one of our international talents just make a stand and stick around.

Anyways, for those of you that don't recall, back in 2007 Canada hosted the U20 World Cup and during that time frame Adidas was near the tail end of it's "Impossible is Nothing" campaign and they came across Asmir Begovic's story of having to play in his bedroom and how he first learned to become a soccer goalkeeper as it was too dangerous to go outside in Bosnia. He emigrated to Canada and was givien the time and money to develop his game from the bedroom to the soccer field.

Well after the cap tying rules were changed Mr. Begovic has decided that it would be better to play for Bosnia than Canada. I guess who can blame him: they will play more games against international competition then Canada, but it's not like they are any closer to qualifying.

But I guess home is home, so today I salute you with one of my fingers. You can decide for yourself which one I'm using.

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Anonymous said...

so what if he changed, happens all the time dude. Focus on creating a better environment to keep players instead of whining about the ones leaving.