Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday cup of coffee

I'll be honest. I watched more tennis this weekend than soccer. More football (pointyball style) also. But I've still got some stuff.

Canadian pro action
This was a busier week than most on the Canadian pro scene.

Of course, there was the de Guzman signing, which should improve Toronto immensely. I'm with Jason de Vos though: the team still needs a lot of work.

There was also some action on the pitch. In a rare display of finishing acumen, Toronto FC put three goals past Colorado, which is good because the back line leaked two (which could have been more).

And the USL-1 sides both played twice this week, including a mid-week clash that saw Vancouver beaten in Montreal 1-0 on a late goal by Peter Byers.

While the points that Vancouver and Montreal picked up this weekend have firmed up their playoff spots, Toronto is still on the outside looking in.

The weekend's games:
Both Vancouver and Montreal have slipped recently in their Canadian content stats.

Ornoch philosophizes
I'm just about done writing about Andrzej Ornoch in this space. He tasted his first Eredivisie action this weekend as a sub in a losing effort, but I'm more interested in an otherwise run-of-the-mill interview given to a fan site after his signing.

In it, he takes a question about music and gets philosophical:
Q: Do you have hobbies? What music do you listen to?
A: Right now I'm learning to play the piano. I'm not very good yet but I enjoy it. I also think it's great to play with turntables. Music is a great way for me to relax. I love all music and I grew up with hip hop and R&B, but I think any music is good when an artist shares his talent. It's a bit strange that these days I'm listening to the classics. But the best music is my thoughts, and if only people had a chance to listen to those.
Umm, WTF?

Bernier on Real Madrid
No, not a shock move for Patrice Bernier from Denmark's FC Nordsjaelland to 'los Galacticos'. Instead, it's an analysis of the players and the challenges ahead for Real Madrid from Patrice Bernier's surely-not-widely-enough-read French language blog on the Radio Canada sports site.

After making some salient comments about some of the players, he nails his conclusion:

L'ère galactique 2 débute sous tension. Les nouveaux venus doivent rapidement s'adapter à une culture et à un championnat différents. Si une chimie d'équipe ne se construit pas en un mois, des résultats immédiats sont cependant attendus à Madrid.

La situation est d'autant plus complexe que les nouveaux joueurs recrutés ont des profils similaires. Les dirigeants se sont entêtés à embaucher des joueurs offensifs et devront vivre avec les conséquences, surtout en défense, où les options sont plus limitées.

Les risques de tension sont aussi nombreux quand des joueurs entrent dans l'espace de leurs coéquipiers, un problème inexistant à l'ère galactique 1. Dans cette optique, a-t-on vraiment besoin de Franck Ribéry pour compliquer les choses?

Keep watching that space.

Eredivisie report: Feyenoord, Ajax, and PSV were all winners this weekend. The other de Guzman scored again. My boys, AZ, lost, to Den Haag, of all teams. All in all a bad week.

There were Canadians in action too: Ornoch got some late minutes as mentioned above. Marcel de Jong and Jacob Lensky both played 90 minutes in losing causes for Utrecht and Roda respectively.

Get your picks in and start following Europe's seventh best league!

Canadian soccer blog post I enjoyed this week: Canadian depth at centre back
I enjoy it whenever our man Sam posts about something other than Man U. And this post on Canada's future at this important position was bang on. The picture is certainly a lot different than it was when I made a similar post two years back.

Non-soccer blog post I enjoyed this week: If you like bikes, cynicism, and irony, you should be reading Bike Snob NYC. This return-from-vacation post turns the world of arm wrestling on its head, so you know it's a good one.

BONUS FEATURE: In which I do the work for other bloggers/podcasters
Some of you may love the some canadian guys . . . podcast. Some of you may also like having podcasts properly organized on your iTunes/iPod. So I've set up a feed. Mostly for my own use, but I should share the wealth. Back catalog (eps 2-14) to be updated forthwith.

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