Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday cup of coffee

I've started to work up a good hate-on for the Tim Horton's french vanilla cappuccino ad. You know the one: the guy in the auto shop is all sheepish about wanting such a girly drink.

It's dumb to get worked up about a television commercial, but probably equally stupid to get emotionally invested in sport. My CFL affiliation has caused me no end of misery this season (join the club!) and Toronto FC fans must be sorting out their emotions, what with the excitement of JDG offset by the mounting unlikelihood of missing the playoffs for a third straight season.

Let's get into it.

De Guzman vs Becks
Julian de Guzman
's Toronto FC lost Saturday to David Beckham's LA Galaxy in a game that pushes TFC closer to the brink of elimination from the MLS playoffs. I watched on a crappy online stream of a crappy sportsnet broadcast, but I still feel qualified to offer the following thoughts:
  • De Guzman was rusty, but still by far the class of the TFC lineup. At times, his talent was wasted, like in the 1st half when he hit a perfect ball to Chad Barrett, who seemed not to understand what to do with such quality.
  • Ali Gerba had a good game with two very-near misses, and I can't understand for the life of me why Lesly Fellinga came on to replace him.
  • David Beckham is very good when he wants to be.
  • Stefan Frei is good, but also young, and fans have overrated his play this season.
Here's hoping JDG isn't too down on life with TFC so far.

[Match report]

Other Canadian pro action
The USL-1 regular season wrapped up this weekend. Montreal lost at Carolina, while Vancouver won 2-1 at home to the Cleveland cellar dwellers.

Playoff matchups are Montreal-Charleston and Vancouver-Carolina.

The Whitecaps are the lowest-seeded team in the USL-1 playoffs, but look likely to hold on to top spot in the Canadian content race.

Eredivisie report
had another bad loss this weekend, dropping a 1-0 affair in Alkmaar against NEC. PSV showed their class by knocking off Feyenoord at De Kuip. But the match that had the most profound effect on the Eredivisie competition was the 4-0 win by Ajax at VVV Venlo.

If you watch the video, you'll notice a certain Uruguayan named Suarez scoring all 4 goals, which matters as you'll see below:

AZ Mounir el Hamdouai (AZ)
Ajax Luis Suarez (Ajax)

Headhunting Canuck
AZ Luis Suarez (Ajax)
PSV Balazs Dzsudzsak (PSV)

Pompey Canuck
PSV Luis Suarez (Ajax)
Ajax Jon Dahl Tomasson (Feyenoord)

Lord Bob
Ajax Keisuke Honda (VVV)
FC Utrecht Mounir el Hamdouai (AZ)

Poor Lord Bob.

Canadian soccer blog post I enjoyed this week: USL Division 1 Expansion in Canada, Part One: Winnipeg
I'm not sure if I need to offer any reasons other than the geographical as to why I enjoyed this post, but sadly I am less optimistic than our west coast pundit.


Pompey Canuck said...

Poor Lord Bob indeed. Also I have Ajax, not AZ as my second team. I am a little worried about how long Ajax will be able to hold on to Suarez as he is also leading the league in assists. I think this could be a tough transfer window for Ajax.

J said...

My bad. I made the change in this post and in my records.

Suarez is having a crazy year, a lot like Alfonso Alves a few seasons ago when he had 45 goals from 39 matches in all competitions. But he moved on to Middlesbrough where he only scored 10 times in 42 matches, and is now playing in Qatar.

Perhaps Suarez will heed this cautionary tale and be careful about any potential move. The Eredivisie is a goal scorers league and he might help his own value by staying a while longer.

J said...

By the way, Suarez currently has 10 goals in 7 league matches, but also 4 goals in Europa League competition for 14 goals in 9 matches. Torrid pace.

Lord Bob said...

As I think I explicitly stated when I made my entry, I have no knowledge whatsoever about the Eredivisie. So, hey, I'm just glad to be guaranteed no worth than fourth place. That's the canonical Canadian position in any competition.