Saturday, October 17, 2009

USL-1 final live blog

To live blog, or not to live blog. That is rarely the question, but today it was.

Final four, reduced to two

To be honest, my preferred option was to laze on the coach and take in back-to-back matches (Whitecap-Impacts followed by the acronymically potent TFC-RSL match up). But since SRC (French CBC) in Manitoba basically is one hour time shift of the Quebec channel, I've decided to watch the match online. Woudln't want to be living an hour in the past, you know.

So since I'll be at the computer, I'll share any thoughts, cogent or otherwise, that enter my mind.

First, some details:


Stade Saputo, Montreal, QC

Saturday, 17 October 2009
2:30 pm et / 1:30 pm ct / 11:30 am pt

TV: Radio-Canada, Fox Sports World Canada
Online: Radio-Canada (french),

Montreal leads 3:2 on aggregate (no away goals rule)

The Impact match tracker has the lineups. The Impact are starting 2 Canadians and the Whitecaps 3 (in bold)

IMPACT: Jordan; Braz, Joqueviel, Pizzolitto, De Roux; Di Lorenzo, Donatelli, Gjertsen, Testo; Brown, Byers

WHITECAPS: Nolly; Knight, Bellisomo, Pejic, Hirano; Moose, Pozniak, Versailles, Toure; Haber, James

Interesting changes include Marlon James starting ahead of Charles Gbeke for Vancouver, as well as Chris Pozniak in for an injured Lyle Martin with Wes Knight playing his right back spot.

If you have a few minutes before kickoff, read this solid Vancouver Sun preview. You can also follow the match on twitter, thanks to Marc Weber of the Vancouver Province. He tells us that kickoff is to come at :42 after the hour (:12 after in Newfoundland).

Also liveblogging today's match is one of the guys from the 24th minute, in the far more easily interactive CoverItLive format. Not for me, though: I'm a whore for pageviews, and I want readers hitting refresh.

The Radio-Canada stream was patchy for last week's match, but is working nicely so far. My choice for the match, as long as the transmission holds.

The match in Montreal, live the first leg at cozy Swangard Stadium, is sold out. Which will look good for the cameras. Hopefully the Ultras and other hardcore support are in full voice.

I'll be rooting for the Whitecaps, by the way. I don't know if they can do it, though, without Martin Nash. Missing Lyle Martin isn't big, though.

Prediction: 2-2 final, 5-4 Montreal on aggregate.
What's yours? (Weighing in in the comments, or even just saying you're reading, gives me an indication that someone is actually reading this)

According to Impact coach Marc dos Santos, who has done a nice job of rehabilitating his coaching image after the Voyageurs Cup shitfest, mentions that the Impact players were shown a motivational video before the match. So, Whitecaps, look the fuck out! Because we all know how much professional athletes respond to motivational videos! Teitur Thordarson, the Whitecaps Icelandic manager, has a passable French. Good for him.

Anthems now, kickoff next. Adam Braz mouthing the words, in English.

1st minute: We're off. The crowd seems to be in fine voice. A Winnipeg connection - one of the assistant referees (read: linespeople) is Hector Vergara, who as done the same job at World Cups in the past.

De Roux gets away with a questionable body check that would have given Vancouver a dangerous free kick.

: It looks like Vancouver is going to try to take advantage of every attacking throw-in by having Wes Knight launch it into the box.

First corner of the match now, to Montreal. In the rowdy end. Taken short, crossed, and cleared. More Montreal pressure that doesn't amount to anything.

12th: Roberto Brown is rocking the turtleneck today. Nice.

Marcus Haber just burned about 3 Impact players to eventually win a corner. Talent. Justin Moose's corner is cleared.

17th: Another corner coming for Vancouver. Moose again. Matt Jordan had to climb the ladder to take it away from Pejic.

Yellow to Bellisomo after mixing it up with Jordan on a high-ball into the box (free kick). Luca fouled him (slow whistle) then kicked at the loose ball.

Long throw-in from Knight is headed and rolls to Matt Jordan.

25th: Montreal is controlling the midfield, but Vancouver's technical players on the left side (Hirano, Toure, and Haber) have skinned Montreal's right (Braz, Donatelli) on several occasions.

28th: SHAMEFUL penalty call awarded to Montreal. Nolly had all ball.

Red card to Pejic for arguing. Referee, you are now the story. Congratulations.

Donatelli scores, and I'm done with this liveblog. This match turned into a farce with an undeserved red card and a dubious penalty. Fuck it.


Grant said...

I can't recall the last time I saw a live blog abandoned in the middle of a match. Good work!

Lord Bob said...

I nearly wanted to abandon the match in the middle of the match. Just get up and walk out and wander the Downtown Eastside like a hobo drinking from a bottle of Southern Comfort.

Kinda wish I had.

J said...

It was pretty easy to give up the live blog at that point because I had been checking the stats and nobody was following along.

Lord Bob said...

Ah, but half the fun of a live blog is reading it after the event and reliving the agonies and the ecstasies.