Friday, November 06, 2009

Official Canada roster for Macedonia, Poland

update 12.11.09: added Jonathan Beaulieu-Bourgault as 18th player

Enough with the speculation and wringing of hands. The official Canada roster for next week's friendlies has been released, and it's as close to an 'A' squad as you're likely to see:

Player Pos. Team League
Lars Hirschfeld GK Energie Cottbus Germany
Josh Wagenaar GK Falkirk Scotland
Mike Klukowski D/M Club Brugge Belgium
Kevin McKenna D 1. FC Köln Germany
Paul Stalteri D/M Borussia Mönchengladbach Germany
Richard Hastings D Hamilton Scotland
Dejan Jakovic D DC United MLS
Julian de Guzman M Toronto FC MLS
Atiba Hutchinson M FC København Denmark
Patrice Bernier M FC Nordsjælland Denmark
Iain Hume M Barnsley FC England
Marcel de Jong M Roda JC Netherlands
Jaime Peters M Ipswich Town FC England
Josh Simpson M/F Manisaspor Turkey
Simeon Jackson F Gillingham FC England
Tomasz Radzinski F Lierse Belgium
Rob Friend F Borussia Mönchengladbach Germany
Jonathan Beaulieu-Bourgault M 1. FC St Pauli Germany

Perhaps it's surprising to see such a veteran-laden squad, but there's no point in not calling our best players. With the exception of Julian de Guzman and Dejan Jakovic, this is an all Euro squad with a lot of international experience.

Player Caps
Paul Stalteri 77
Atiba Hutchinson 45
Tomasz Radzinski 45
Kevin McKenna 44
Patrice Bernier 42
Richard Hastings 41
Julian de Guzman 40
Lars Hirschfeld 28
Iain Hume 26
Mike Klukowski 24
Josh Simpson 24
Rob Friend 22
Jaime Peters 19
Marcel de Jong 11
Simeon Jackson 6
Dejan Jakovic 5
Josh Wagenaar 2
Jonathan Beaulieu-Bourgault 0
Total 501
Average 29.47

Tomasz Radzinski was called, according to Hart, because "we felt the game would mean a lot to him at this stage of his career". He is also the most prolific goal scorer among the group called.

Player Goals
Tomasz Radzinski 10
Kevin McKenna 9
Paul Stalteri 7
Julian de Guzman 4
Atiba Hutchinson 2
Patrice Bernier 2
Iain Hume 2
Rob Friend 2
Richard Hastings 1
Marcel de Jong 1
Jaime Peters 1
Simeon Jackson 1
Lars Hirschfeld 0
Josh Wagenaar 0
Mike Klukowski 0
Dejan Jakovic 0
Josh Simpson 0
Jonathan Beaulieu-Bourgault 0
Total 42
Average 2.47

I think we all remember the goal he scored to get himself into double digits, just over a year ago (1:55 in the video)

Hart also mentioned that he is still looking for a possible 18th player to fill out the squad, likely to replace a certain mentally-unstable-sometime-Czech.


Lord Bob said...

Oh, god, watching that goal again did my heart good.

Footie Fool said...

So good to see Hume's name on a roster again.