Monday, December 14, 2009

Year-end stats: players

The players who made it onto the pitch for Canada in '09:

Kevin McKenna 8
Atiba Hutchinson 7

Julian de Guzman 7

Mike Klukowski 6
Paul Stalteri 6
Patrice Bernier 5 1 499 2

Josh Simpson 5 3 493

Dejan Jakovic 5

Greg Sutton 4 1 405

Jaime Peters 4 2 369

Will Johnson 5

Ali Gerba 4 1 368 4

Simeon Jackson 3 5 364 1

Richard Hastings 3 1 315

Marcel de Jong 4 2 283 1

Lars Hirschfeld 2

Issey Nakajima-Farran 1 2 138

Josh Wagenaar 2

Adrian Cann 1 2 111

Andre Hainault 1
Eddy Sidra 1

Nikolas Ledgerwood 1

Rob Friend 1 1 90

Tomasz Radzinski 1

Iain Hume 1 1 64

Tyler Hemming
1 22

Andrzej Ornoch
1 9

Chris Pozniak
1 7

Jonathan Beaulieu-Bourgault
1 2

Dominic Imhof
1 1

TOTALS 88 27 7932 8 5 0

A few thoughts:
  • The total number of minutes should be 7920 (8 matches x 11 players x 90 minutes), but I just cribbed stats from the CSA site so obviously they goofed.
  • Average age of the top 6 minute-getters in '09: just over 29 years old. Which is too old.
  • A total of 30 players were used in the calendar year
  • Of these players, only the immortal Dominic Imhof is unlikely to ever play for Canada again. The other marginal types are either too young (Beaulieu-Bourgault, Ornoch, Sidra), too versatile (Pozniak), too ageless (Radzinski), or too domestic-based (Hemming, Pozniak again) to be ruled out entirely.
  • The players likely to form the core of future teams (Johnson, Jakovic, Simpson, de Jong, Jackson) got a pretty fair chance to show what they can do in 2009. Only Hainault probably deserved more time.


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