Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Milestone watch 2010

While Canada's national soccer team won't be playing any important matches this calendar year, two of the most important individual milestones are likely to be surpassed.


While I no longer have much use for Paul Stalteri as a player for the national team, and I think the coaching staff should be exploring younger options for the right back position, I also think it would be somewhat of a slap in the face of they didn't allow him to reach the all-time matches played record. He currently needs three to tie Randy Samuel and I'd put his chances at even money to reach this number in 2010.


Canada's all time goal scoring record is currently held me nightmare coach Dale Mitchell, with a relatively paltry 19. Dwayne De Rosario and Ali Gerba both aren't far behind at 15. If either one were to open their account this Sunday with a goal or two against Jamaica, it would put them on track with a shot to reach 20 before the end of 2010.

Gerba has a voracious appetite for goals.

De Ro's 15 have come in 52 matches, while Ali Gerba has done the deed in just 28 games.

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