Monday, February 15, 2010

Monday cup of coffee: Louis Riel edition

While much of the rest of the country endures the blandest of made up holidays -- Family Day -- we Manitobans celebrated a typical Canadian anti-hero, Louis Riel. A man who started two rebellions in two provinces, served in a provisional government, and was eventually hanged for treason; while finding time to go to seminary, become an ultramontanist, and teach school in Montana.

People across this country are taking the day off and enjoying the Olympics, and since Canadian soccer news kind of took the week off (apart from the FC Edmonton thing, which I've already covered), I suggest to you, my loyal readers, that you do the same. Enjoy the outdoors, even.


Anonymous said...


We celebrate rich englishmen who didnt want to pay taxes to the old country, who caused a genocide of the aboriginal people and whose idolized constitution claimed liberty for all, except the darkies who were subhumans with less rights than cattle.

Imagine being black and celebrating 'independance' from the old country.

At least we have moved on and now have our own soccer league.
Canada is still a banana republic in soccer and plans to be for a long time by riding US coat tails instead of having their own league.
With 35million people, its an embarassment that there is no league. The champions leagues spot canada gets is a sham and when countries like Denmark and Norway with 4-5 mil people each have leagues and are colder than canada, you know the excuses can pile up to the moon, it still spells banana republic.

Id be worried more about that then some indian dude more than a century ago who stirred stuff.

J said...

When you strip away all the craziness and incoherence and vitriol, I actually agree with most of this post.

Except, of course, that Denmark and Norway are warmer than Canada. Not even close.