Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Better late than never?

As we continue to endure the North American soccer offseason, with the last Canada friendly now a distant memory, and the next still over two months away, there's not a lot of grist for the old blog mill these days.

Perhaps it was with a thought for poor saps like me that the CSA took over two and a half months to finally make an announcement about their 2009 recipients of the Fans' Choice award. We'd like to think that, but of course it was their typical intransigence. I'd like to get worked up about it, but it's a relatively meaningless award that -- like a your tax return when you're not making anything to have to pay -- is not exactly time-sensitive.

In any case, the voting produced what has to be the least shocking set of results imaginable: TFC man about town Dwayne de Rosario, and one of the two women's national teamers I could pick out of a lineup, Christine Sinclair, were the winners.

Christine Sinclair recently scored her 100th international goal and is probably deserving of the award for her consistent performances over the last decade. De Rosario won because he is the most notable Canadian to play for TFC, or was. That's the way it is when the centre of gravity of Canadian soccer supporters is located in the Golden Horseshoe.

We have no place judging what others do in the privacy of their ol' onion bag.

Of course I voted for Mike Klukowski, left back and this fan's choice for life, unless I find out he is a serial rapist.

A propos de rien . . .

I sometimes get discouraged because I feel like nobody is reading what I write, or lately, don't write. So it's always nice to get feedback like this, from a recent reader comment:
You know you're being cited as reference in La Presse (one of the 2 big french newspaper in Qu├ębec?): [link]

Bravo, you deserve it :-)
I'm not sure about Martin's conclusion, but I do appreciate the extra French Canadian eyeballs this site received for a few days.

In the next month, stay tuned for:

  • An Eredivisie update (hint: AZ are on the rise)
  • Nutrilite championship contest details
  • Some World Cup related rankings analysis?


Duane Rollins said...

Not to be pedantic, but the game is less than three months away....

shawn_strat said...

I am in Montreal, and I read your blog as often as you post. Keep up the good work!

Duane Rollins reads here also, cool!

J said...

shawn: Much appreciated. Glad to have you, and I hope I can provide more to read in the coming months.

Duane: I have no problem with pedantry when its instructive. And wow, what a glaring error. I teach math, for goodness sake.

It's been fixed.