Saturday, March 27, 2010

Canadian content 2010

Regular readers of the blog will know that I've tracked the Canadian content on Canada's pro teams over the last two seasons.

It's quite simple really. I track the percentage of minutes played by Canadian players, and compare as it a percentage of the total minutes played by the entire team.

In 2009, as in 2008, the Whitecaps were the most Canadian by this metric.

I expect the race in 2010 to be close. Montreal doesn't seem to have a great deal of depth in Canadian talent, but Vancouver will, while TFC should also be starting 4 or 5 Canadians every game (O'Brian White counts for now, with an asterisk, until he suits up for Jamaica).

Since Toronto FC has their first game this afternoon, I'll begin tracking the data today. You can follow the race on the sidebar of the blog, and catch all of the details, game-by-game, here.

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