Thursday, March 11, 2010

CONCACAF Champions League: Records by country

With the knockout rounds of the CONCACAF Champions League being contested this week, it seems as good a time as any to dust off some old stats I'd been keeping regarding the performance of various country's within the competition.

The stats are current (I decline to use the word accurate) as of the end of the group stage of the 2009-10 competition. In all their glory, here they are:

CONCACAF Champions League Record by Country
Mexico 44 14 15 161 65 146 2 2.21 0.89
Canada 5 4 3 15 11 19 1.58 1.25 0.92
Honduras 15 4 15 53 50 49 1.44 1.56 1.47
Puerto Rico 6 7 5 22 26 25 1.39 1.22 1.44
Panama 9 6 11 38 39 33 1.27 1.46 1.5
Costa Rica 5 4 7 18 29 19 1.19 1.13 1.81
Guatemala 5 3 8 20 36 18 1.13 1.25 2.25
USA 9 13 18 47 66 40 1 1.18 1.65
Trinidad 7 2 15 30 47 23 0.96 1.25 1.96
El Salvador 3 5 8 14 33 14 0.88 0.88 2.06

2 0 12 0 0 0 6

1 0 3 0 0 0 3

  • Any matches that ended in penalties were counted as ties, as I do for all the stats I post.
  • Mexico clearly dominates. Their dominance is further underscored when you recognize that 5 of their 15 losses, and 11 of the goals scored against Mexican teams, were recorded against Mexican league opponents in the later rounds of the competition.
  • I haven't run the numbers in any statistical software, but to the naked eye, it appears there is a stronger inverse correlation between goals conceded and PPG than the positive correlation between goals scored and PPG. In other words: beware a leaky defence.
  • There is no real correlation between the strength of national teams and the performance of that country's club teams in the competition, apart from the fact that Mexico is really good in both.
  • Since the competition is only two years old, one good run by one team (read: Montreal Impact 2008-09) in one of the less heavily-represented countries really skews the results
Any thoughts? I'd love to hear them. I think this is a valuable bit of number crunching, so please tell your friends. I'll post another update at the end of this year's tournament, if not sooner.


Jeff said...

I certainly hope we get a second spot in the near future. I don't think it's an overstatement to say that all three Canadian clubs would most likely qualify for the knock-out stage if placed in different group stages. Perhaps none of them would finish first, but I'd wager a pretty good bet that they'd all at least finish second. Well... all except TFC, especially after that absolutely embarrassing SHITE performance against Puerto Rico!

J said...

I think you're a bit more bullish than I am on Canada's quality. Considering that Canada's best team (of only 3, mind you), failed even to reach the group stage last year, I think it would require a stretch in credulity to allow all three into the knockout rounds.

Montreal's run was wonderful, but they had a number of things fall into place: an easy qualifying round draw (they won 1-0 over two legs against a Nicaraguan side), and a group featuring a weak T&T outfit (Joe Public). Their make or break matches were against Olimpia of Honduras and they did enough in those encounters to get to the next round.

It's also difficult for Canada to make a claim for more spots when we currently only have 3 legitimately pro teams.

Thanks for commenting though. I admire your enthusiasm and I hope it's in full view come World Cup qualifying!