Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Voyageurs Cup Preview: The goal scorers

With temperatures today of +19 C, it seems appropriate that we should be talking about domestic soccer again. And why not, as the Voyageurs Cup/Nutrilite Canadian Championship is a mere 4 weeks away from kicking off. It all gets started on April 28th, when the defending champs host the Montreal Impact at BMO Field.

For a tournament with such a short history, there's not much to talk about from the archives. While I respect the much longer history of the Voyageurs Cup trophy, the tourney as presently constituted has only been around two seasons.

Over those two seasons, a total of of 26 goals have been scored by 18 different players. Here they are:

Dwayne De Rosario TOR 3
Eduardo Sebrango MTL 2
Roberto Brown MTL 2
Rohan Ricketts TOR 2
Chad Barrett TOR 2
Amado Guevara TOR 2
Ansu Toure VAN 2
Joey Gjertsen MTL 1
Severino Jefferson MTL 1
David Testo MTL 1
Tony Donatelli MTL 1
Maurice Edu TOR 1
Marco Velez TOR 1
Kevin Harmse TOR 1
Martin Nash VAN 1
Charles Gbeke VAN 1
Ethan Gage VAN 1
Marcus Haber VAN 1

Remarkably, not a single player scored in both years of the competition. Also somewhat remarkably, leader De Rosario's 3 goals were all scored in a single match.

With so many of these players no longer competing with one of the Canadian clubs (sayonara Messrs. Haber, Harmse, Velez, Edu, Jefferson, Gjertsen, Gbeke, and Ricketts), a productive season from any of the top 5 active scorers (De Ro, Sebrango, Brown, Barrett or Toure) could give them a chokehold on this table for a few years to come.

If I was a betting man, I'd say that Chad Barrett will lead the scoring ranks this season (I know, I threw up a bit too). And if you're a betting man, then make a pick too, as top scorer will be one of the tie-breakers in my Nutrilite Canadian Championship prediction league, details of which will be announced by April 1st. Same goes if you're a betting woman, though if you like football and betting, you should probably also leave a number.

Apart from the World Cup, the 6 V-Cup/NCC games are for me the soccer games I'm most excited for this summer. I hope you are too.


Jeremy said...

I don't know if your point was to make an exhaustive list of the players that aren't in Canada anymore, but Severino Jefferson is a goner.

J said...

I included him on my 'sayonara' list because he is one of the players who scored in this competition who is no longer with one of the Canadian teams. Even if he bid his farewell almost two years ago.

Jeremy said...

My bad I didn't see him on the list. Thought you forgot him.

Alex said...

Caso perdido Jefferson Por quĂȘ e hum