Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Canada's 2010 dance card filling up

There has been some murmuring ever since the Argentina friendly was rumoured, and subsequently confirmed, that Canada would be finding another date in South America around the same time. So today, when a friendly against Venezuela on the 29th of May popped up on Canada's FIFA page (this is the way friendly announcements are made in this country), it didn't come as much of a surprise.

Even more exciting is the prospect of a home friendly in May, against another South American side, Ecuador.

What is somewhat surprising is the apparent efforts by the CSA to get this team some matches, two years ahead of their next truly important competition. This isn't a case of South Africa-bound teams that are desperate for an opponent: both Ecuador and Venezuela failed to qualify for the World Cup. Instead, there seems no other reason to play these matches than to prepare Canada for the next few years.

Perish the thought.

Anyway, here's what we know about friendlies in 2010, all in a tidy and well-sourced spreadsheet.

date location opponent status
31/01/10 Kingston Jamaica completed (1-0 loss)
early May Toronto? Ecuador rumoured
24/05/10 Buenos Aires Argentina CSA confirmed
29/05/10 Venezuela Venezuela FIFA confirmed
04/09/10 Toronto TBA rumoured
07/09/10 Montreal TBA rumoured


And I'm not the only one who cares about this. some canadian guys dropped a well timed post, and others are all atwitter about it (they only make sense if you go in order).

And ....

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Headhunting Canuck said...

Hey J,

Just because I ran into reading the article this week on Canadian matchups for this week, we've got a couple of changes from your list. The Ecuador game looks to be out in entirety in May. Argentina and Venezuela both confirmed.

Toronto game in September, opponent is not confirmed yet. On the other hand Montreal has an opponent confirmed which is Honduras.

They also have Ukraine scheduled for Oct. 10. I'm assuming that game is away.

Not a bad list of opponents at all, hopefully this starts to go in the right direction for Canada as we look towards 2014 qualification.