Monday, April 12, 2010

Contests update

While the first of the matches involving a Canadian pro side was two weekends ago, the domestic soccer season began in earnest this past weekend, with all three Canadian sides in action. Even though TFC and its fans probably wish there was another month of pre-season, soccer season is an exciting time.

Exciting, also, is the number of entries I have received for the Voyageurs Cup/Nutrilite Canadian Championship prediction league. 23 entries are in already, and over two weeks remain until the tournament kicks off at BMO Field. Now that you have an idea of what the teams' lineups will look like this year (even if a certain team keeps adding players), there's no excuse not to enter.

Some of you, especially those who emailed in your entries, may be wondering if they've been officially recorded. I have, as of Monday evening, received entries from: Duane Rollins, Lord Bob, rmac, Elvis, Jeremy, Casual Soccer Fan, Pompey Canuck, Crofty, Tuscan, M@, zooko62000, Headhunting Canuck, Sagacious Chew, Lank, bbb, Filipe, John, Adriano, Daniel, Lennie, ATN_LR and last but not least, morbital, who has Vancouver winning all four matches by a combined score of 11-0 (although given this weekend's results, can you blame him?)

See all the picks, in glorious coloured-spreadsheet detail, here.

If your name is missing, and you think you've entered, try emailing or leaving a comment again. All others see the original post to enter now.

* * * * *

The other contest that has been ongoing for some time now is the Eredivisie pool. Like the Dutch season, this contest is winding now, and the dramatic stakes are nearly the same.

In the Eredivisie, discussion among AZ fans is whether they'd prefer a win in their upcoming match against first-placed Twente, or a loss which would clinch the Eredivisie for Twente, and make sure that their rivals from the 020 (Amsterdam telephone exchange), Ajax, can finish no higher than second.

For my part, I'd prefer an AZ win, as any points dropped by the Alkmaar side will put me in a tough spot as I try to outlast Pompey Canuck. See:

AZ 55 Mounir el Hamdaoui (AZ) 17
Ajax 76 Luis Suarez (Ajax) 32

TOTAL (PTS + GOALS x 2) 229
Headhunting Canuck
AZ 55 Luis Suarez (Ajax) 32
PSV 73 Balazs Dzsudzsak (PSV) 12

TOTAL (PTS + GOALS x 2) 216
Pompey Canuck
PSV 73 Luis Suarez (Ajax) 32
Ajax 76 Jon Dahl Tomasson (Feyenoord) 8

TOTAL (PTS + GOALS x 2) 229
Lord Bob
Ajax 76 Keisuke Honda (VVV) 6
FC Utrecht 48 Mounir el Hamdaoui (AZ) 17

TOTAL (PTS + GOALS x 2) 170

With only three matchdays left, there remains a lot to play for.


Anonymous said...

what is the total diff representing

J said...

I've just got things set up for once the games are started. Total diff is the total goal difference between your predicted scores and the actual scores. You can ignore whatever number is in the "DIFF" column, as that won't mean anything until the first match is played and I fill in the actual score.

Jeff said...

Hahaha geez Morbital, how many Nick Garcia defensive give-aways do you figure will be in that Vs cup final match between TFC and the Caps?? 4-0 is a tad lopsided even by Garcia's incompetent standards.

J, a side Vs Cup contest, see who can choose the closest number of goals for the competition that can be attributed to acts of Garcia incompetence. It's a risky one, seeing as how TFC might not need to play his sorry ass anymore, but if he does somehow remain a starter, it could be a tighter competition than the main one! And more hilarious...

Vaclav said...

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masster said...

I signed up for the pool in the original thread

J said...

Yes, masster, your picks have been noted. They should be viewable at the bottom of the spreadsheet linked in this post.

I could still do with a few more entries.

Lord Bob said...

If I am as successful in the Voyageurs Cup pool as a I was in the Eredivisie one, you guys are all just playing for second anyway.

Headhunting Canuck said...

@Lord Bob,

Are we fighting for the bottom this contest, in that case I need to reselect my picks and try pick outlandish but possible scores.

Lord Bob said...

Would it be indiscreet of me to say that, considering how I know nothing about the Eredivisie and picked Utrecht, for example, because at-the-time-Canadian Jacob Lensky plays for them and picked Keisuke Honda because I'd heard of him, I think I'm doing really well!