Monday, April 19, 2010

Mondays are for miscellany

FC Edmonton reveals new logo

And here it is...

The website got a bit of a re-design too. The reviews are drifting in, some positive, others not. It could probably use a tweak or two before the team starts selling jerseys with this crest on it.

Canada announces friendly schedule for remainder of 2010

Although speculation about an early May home friendly against Ecuador turned out to be merely that, Canada does have a number of firm dates lined up, including two home matches. The full schedule was announced on Friday, and consists of:
  • 24 May vs Argentina in Buenos Aires
  • 29 May vs Venezuela in Merida (Venezuela)
  • 4 September vs TBA in Toronto
  • 7 September vs Honduras in Montreal
  • 10 October vs Ukraine in Ukraine (host city TBA)
This is a quality set of opponents, no matter who TBA in Toronto turns out to be. It's interesting that Montreal will host Honduras in early September, just like two years ago (and we all know how that turned out). This is a decent slate of matches given that important competitions are still far on the horizon.

Ali Gerba interviewed about TFC

This is all over the Canadian soccer interwebs today, and is worth checking out. Turns out he doesn't much care for Mo or Preki. Who knew!

Canadian teams in action this weekend
  • Vancouver drew 0-0 at Miami. I tried to tune into the stream of this match, but it was brutal. The match marked Marcus Haber's return to the starting lineup. The team has a win and a draw from two matches so far.
  • Toronto won at home to Philly on Thursday and lost in Colorado on Sunday. They still have problems. You already knew that. De Ro has all 4 TFC goals this season: two on penalties that he didn't earn, and another on a brutal goalkeeping error. The fourth was from a Nick Garcia cross, a man since banished from the starting lineup in favour of Canadian and Danish league reject Adrian Cann.
  • Montreal played a Caribbean friendly against the improbably named Antigua Barracuda FC (if only because it is easy to confuse with Antigua and Barbuda, the proper nomenclature for the island nation) and won 1-0 on a goal by youngster Reda Agourram.
The Canadian content stats have been updated for all competitive matches and are linked on the sidebar.

Oh yeah:

Eight more days left to sign up for the Voyageurs Cup pool. 26 entries so far.


Anonymous said...

Woah Woah Woah. Just saw the Voyageurs Cup pool spreadsheet. I might have said it wrong in the email, but I'm picking Montreal to beat Toronto 1-0 in Montreal not vice versa.


J said...

My bad. You swapped the order of the teams (you had TFC, the away team, listed first), and I didn't look too closely. I hope I didn't do this to anybody else.